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Thanks Y'all for all the comments. looking for a few places to go try out beds near by. I may need to win the lottery to be able to afford some of the beds! Alot to pay for a good night sleep. But to get a really good night might be
best if we got separater twin beds in different rooms! lol
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I prefer the side-by-side but when the only ones I found were the ones with water in the door I decided against it and went with the freezer on the top. (Because my mom told me she hated her freezer on the bottom) and after all cold sinks and heat rises so it made sense at the time. But I am in the refrigerator more that than I am in the freezer so being 5ft 9 in tall I have to get things out lower than I like. When something is pushed to the back it usually gets forgotten and later thrown out.
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I would go for a new bed, good for both of you. As for fridge's...I love my bottom freezer french door, and if I had to would replace with the same type of model.......but found, that those pesky middle of the night heat flashes, which I was able to take care of by going to the kitchen and opening the top door freezer on my old fridge, were thwarted by a bottom other words to get the same affect I have to lean way over the bottom freezer or get on my knees and now I look totally ridiculous...LOL
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I just want to say, if you are getting enough money refunded to buy a fridge or bed, remember you have basically LOANED this money to Uncle Sam at ZERO percent interest for the last year.
Unless you think of this as a forced savings plan, I hope you will plan to get LESS of a refund next year and keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.

I always hear people saying "Woohoo, I got a big refund" like it is free money from the gov't. It is not, it is YOUR money!!
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My freezer is at the top. Even though it's very small, I really like it better than the side by side....seems to be more room and not as much digging around.

Your hubby might check with his dr. to see what he recommends for beds. If the dr. write an Rx for it, will your insurance pay part? Worth checking into....
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When we bought our bottom freezer fridge, my husband wasn't sold on the idea at first. I asked him where you spend most of your time looking, in the fridge or the freezer. When the salesman came back to help us, DH told him we would take the bottom freezer one. He hasn't regretted it. Now he is looking at the side by side for the water dispenser aspect.

As for a mattress, you both need to try them out. It's personal preference.
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my Bff has a memory mattress and i did not like the sinking feeling when i slept in it, I have a trump mattress and although i don't notice the sinking feeling of the memory it does conform to your body and I am frequently turning it.
and you cant flip them over to turn I think the next mattress i get will be an old fashion sort.
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We are looking for a new bed too. Go someplace that sells KingsDown and they might have this bed machine thing where they will lay you on it and it will go through some calculations and it will tell you what is the best firmness for you and your partner. And it is true most new style mattresses are not flip-able. I don't think they will last as long if you can't flip them over. My salesman said the same thing.
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Beds: We tried the sleep number bed for a month and had them take it back. I could not get comfortable at any number. To me it was like sleeping on an air mattress with a good pad on top. I had a friend who found a hotel that uses the Temper-pedic mattress and spent a night to try it out...worth the expense if you don't like it. I hear it gets very HOT and if you are heavy at all you get stuck and it is hard to roll over.

We purchased another side by side, didn't think the others offered enough room. Be sure to check out the reviews on brands that. My son bought an LG and then found out the ice maker was very little and slow.
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We have one of those beds that are adjustable with the foam mattress. (Like the Temper pedic beds) We love it and it gives a lot of support, although pretty soft. Ours is two years old and it is holding up just fine. I like the adjustable bed because I can't live on my back without raising the head and the legs feel better if they are adjustable too.
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