Those Little Bra Hooks

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I don't pay over $30 dollars for a bra and they go to the washer unhooked and are allowed to frolic with the rest of the underwear load. I hang them to dry and have never had a problem.
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I've never bothered to hook my bras when I throw them into the wash but I hang them up to dry on a hanger. Been told they will last longer this way and since I finally found some that have wide enough straps I don't want to have to replace them anytime soon. The store changed styles on me again so can't get anymore. DRAT!!!!
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I wash my bras in a mesh bag which seems to protect them. I never dry them in the dryer. Line dry only. I have never had any problems with the hooks getting bent...
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I do not put in dryer as the elastic gets stretched out of shape by the heat in the dryer. And I have a hard time getting them to fit good, have to mail order them.
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Originally Posted by mike'sgirl View Post
I never have a problem with that, but I don't put them in the dryer. I would, as Lynnie said, keep them hooked.
I never have run my bras thru the dryer either.
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Never dreamed I would get this many answers. It's going to feel funny taking home wet bras from the laundromat, but I will see what happens.
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Sorry to give you the bad news, but bras should be considered hand-wash only. On the bright side, you won't be taking wet bras home from the laundromat.
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Originally Posted by citruscountyquilter View Post
Thank you Anniedeb. I was beginning to think I was the only one who wasn't a bra coddler. I've never had a problem either.
LOL!!! I don't coddle either! My bras aren't cheap....and I have seriously never had a problem with hooks. (I also remove the underwire from any bra I buy...simply HATE wires!!)
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I've used lingerie wash bags for years and have no problems, No more than 3 bras per bag.
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I hook the hooks so they can't snag other laundry. My problem is the straps getting tangled with narrow things so I need to start using my lingerie bag. Hand wash - not me, because they just seem cleaner from the washer. Never into the dryer.
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