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Default Using a dryer tor - - -

I would never put wet, muddy clothes in my dryer to remove moisture and dirt because it would get my dryer cruddy and then I would have to clean it out before putting freshly washed items in it.

So - following that logic -

It seems to me that putting an unwashed top that is full of pet hair and dander into a dryer would also get it cruddy and would require cleaning out before putting freshly washed items in it.

I don't mind putting a freshly WASHED item in the dryer that has hair on it to get it off - that is CLEAN hair.

Is my thinking right or wrong?
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I'll part company with you on this one Sharon, the dryer's vent catches all the hair and threads.
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But what about while it's tossing around in the dryer and touching all the inside surfaces?

Wouldn't some of that dander stick?
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I say it's up to you. Do what you're comfortable with. No dryer police. LOL
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I'm with Kalama. The inside of my dryer is stainless and very slick. The clothes are being tossed around constantly. I doubt any pet dander would stick to it. I do toss clothes that have been worn in to de hair or de wrinkle them, but it's not like they are all sweaty or icky and I do take showers on a daily basis so my clothes aren't all icky after being worn for a short period of time. A lot of the time, it will be a jacket that wasn't in contact with my skin at all so it doesn't bother me.
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I take Kola the cat's pillows (one on my desk and the one from her teepee) And vacuum up the loose hairs then toss them in the dryer on air fluff for 30 minutes. This process gets about 90% of the hair off of the pillows.

I usually do this before I do a through cleaning of the filter and vent area. At least every 6 weeks to prevent build up.
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I wouldn't throw something covered in animal hair in the dryer but my thinking would be that it's not the best way to remove the dander or hair.
I toss my feather pillows in the dryer once a week to fluff them. I warm my flannel lap quilt each night when I get ready to curl up in my recliner. I warm my coat in the winter when I'm getting ready to head outside. I have a head full of very thick hair that's only gets washed twice a week and I shed hair like a Yeti so there's a lot of mostly unwashed hair in my dryer
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I'm with the bear. I tried hair removal that way once. Next load picked up hair even after cleaning the lint trap.
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It never occurred to me to use a dryer to remove hair on an unclean item. I'm with bear---don't think I'll do that. I always just vacuum and use a sticky roller. We have a very hairy dog that sheds constantly, thus sticky rollers all over the house, even in the cars.
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Don't forget static electricity, that will make hair, and I assume dander, stick to the inside of the dryer....lots of it.
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