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Default Walmart prices

I just found out today that all Walmart stores do not price things the same. I was looking for some printer ink & called a few Walmart stores to see if they had any in stock. Seems like printers & ink are in high demand these days & I'm assuming it's because so many are working from home & going to school online because of Covid19.
Well, the Walmart nearest me had the black cartridges priced at $16. Another Walmart store about 6 miles from me had the same cartridge (same size, same brand) priced at $27. I questioned the gal in electronics about that & she said the prices are not the same in all stores. It all depends on the location of the store & what type of customers it caters to. If the store is located in an affluent area the prices will be higher than in a lower income area.
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That is a big difference. Walmart isn't the only store that does this. It's an old retail practice. Prices can vary online from the store as well.
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I was also surprised to learn that chain stores do not all have the same prices.
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I have noticed prices are different in different Walmarts. We have 2 Walmarts in our town and they have different prices and when I ask a clerk about it-she said it depends on the volume of people that visit the store. Interesting isn't it!!!
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It's not just the more affluent... in the chain grocery store near me the prices are actually slightly higher on some of the more basic supplies. I think that store/chain justifies it as being smaller than the one just about 2 miles down the road, and not because it's across the street from subsidized housing but sometimes I wonder.
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Originally Posted by bearisgray View Post
I was also surprised to learn that chain stores do not all have the same prices.
I'm not surprised. I live in California, where everything is more expensive, especially in certain cities and towns. Sorry to be so cynical, but it's true.

~ C
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My late oldest sister found this out years ago, probably 30. I never pay attention to items I need/have to have.
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I will spend a little extra for stuff I can get cheaper at another store simply to save myself that extra trip. It's worth it.
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not only are prices are different, but what they carry is different too. In small town stores there is actually a better selection of clothing as more depend on Walmart for it. In affuent suburbs, not so much.
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I checked the ink cartridges at our store and on their online website and they were the same. But my sister mentioned that she found some food prices with different prices plus you can't get the same stuff at 2 stores only 25 miles apart. She used to come to my town to get her kitty food cause her store didn't carry it. Also found you could find more craft stuff at her store than you could at my store.
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