We have been adopted

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How beautiful! You know, they say that animals know who the kindest hearts are, so your being chosen is a wonderful reflection on you and yours.
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P.S. We recently had a cat who kept trying to move out. We knew where he was going and would walk down and "rescue" him. We just let him know how much we loved him, gave him extra treats whenever he was around and gave him a space of his own-- part of the problem was our new kitten, and the dog we adopted a year and a half ago. Anyway, the point being, I just kept saying, if he did move out, I wanted him to find someone who would love him as much as we do, would be kind to him, and take good care of him. I was heartbroken but wanted him to be happy. Lucky for us, he decided we actually *are* his forever home and he hasn't left in a good long while.
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You don't sound to pleased to be adopted. What a beautiful cat that seems to just want some company. I would be thrilled. The affection of any animal out weighs any quilt in my book.
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What a beauty! My cats LOVE my sewing room. They sleep on top of the design wall, and we fight over who gets the sewing chair. I wouldn't trade them for the world!
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awe!!! what an honor he/she is beautiful ,should be glad it wasn't a prowler going through the window he looks healthy well kept maybe he got lost and is looking to you to help find his owner
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Such a pretty cat. I hope you come to love having him around and learn to love him as much as he seems to appreciate you and your home. If he were afraid of you and just wanted a 'room' or safety, he would likely not be in the spaces you often occupy.

Wish one like that would adopt me! My male black cat with white 'bib, Ascot, is definitely showing his age this summer and I have sad anxiety for the day when he chooses to leave us. That will leave only the female tuxedo kitty, Pearl, (who we believe was his 'daughter') and who is approximately 6-7 years old. They sleep together in side-by-side little cat 'beds' on the front porch table and eat together from a double food dish; she (and I) will be so lonely when Ascot is gone.

Jan in VA
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When I was very young the boys living behind us were mistreating their cat, so my mother went over to their mother and said if her children did stop mistreating the cat she would take it. They had gotten a Siamese and no longer cared about the big yellow tom cat - so Fluff cat became ours. He ruled the neighborhood and paid his appreciation by killing rats and then lining them up in the driveway in the middle of the night. (We lived in a new housing development then.) When we moved from Kansas to Washington 6 years later, Fluffy went to live with my grandparents out in Wichita, then moved again. He lived to be 19 even though he was an outdoors cat. He remembered us - whenever I was in Kansas visiting, he would still come and sit on my lap. Let's say he was not a cuddling cat, but he was with me.
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Originally Posted by Prism99 View Post
Here's the "guard cat" video:
I didn't know there was a youtube but there usually is. I just thought this was the greatest thing. It shows that alot of people under estimate animals especially cats. I had a kitten before I had my first son and after he was born that kitten wouldn't let anyone she didn't know into the house. I'm glad they did a video on this, its a story that should be out there for all to see. I wasn't sure where it happened but was aired on our local tv. I'll watch it again after I get off work, no youtube videos allowed here
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My first interaction with a cat was Roscoe, looked exactly like your "new" family member.. Now we have three....R lived to be 23...... I have found that I prefer cats to dogs....less dependent but just as much company......
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Well it looks like you now have a cat. You might as well stock up on cat food because he looks like he's making himself comfortable. I hope he's a he and that you are not going to be the recipient of a litter of kittens as well.
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