We have been adopted

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He is lucky you adopted him and he looks very at home already.
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I think he is tooooo cute to be evicted. not when he is doing such a great job making sure everything is being held down just so.
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Beautiful cat, enjoy and love him and he will return it ten fold.
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I'm afraid you have no choice. Give him a name and count your lucky stars. He's a looker.
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What a handsome boy !! He obviously must belong to someone, he's so healthy looking - perhaps to someone who may not have treated him so kindly & that's why he looked for you, he knew that you would be kind to him.

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Or give him a window seat with all kinds of nice soft things to sit/lay on !

Being chosen by a cat is a thing of miracles as many cats are finicky. I keep telling my adopted son that the cat I am fostering for him has adopted me and may not want to ever go home !LOL
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Always good to have your machine cat-scanned. He looks lovely. I recently lost my 18-year-old Gracie, so I know how empty a sewing room can be without a cat.
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he's beautiful.
I just lost my kitty.
Would love to be adopted again by a big healthy boy like yours.
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lol, let's face it...your hooked! If you really wanted to evict him
you wouldn't have let him pose for a picture
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He's a lovely boy. He surely had a family and somehow became separated from them. He knows just where to be to make himself appealing and annoying at the same time. Looks like he made the right choice.
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