What Brings YOU Joy?

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Just reading these can bring tears to my eyes. A summer sunrise, thanking God for the beauty He has given us; Babies so sweet and innocent; all my family gathered around the dinning room table; the American Flag flying high and free. I have more blessings than I can count.
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Congratulations QuiltnNan.................what a beautiful baby.
My favorites:
Our three children, my husband and I, all together for whatever occasion,
grandchildren playing and pointing out the world from their innocent but observant eyes,
an older couple holding hands,
our 2 puppies romping in the woods with my DH, all three with pure joy in their eyes and hearts,
our gorgeous sunsets over the prairie,
the first buds and flowers of Spring,
birds at the feeder,
a raptor gliding across the sky,
sunshine, dew drops on the grass, hoarfrost on the grasses and trees,
the first (and last) snowflakes of winter LOL
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My joy is being with my family.
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Looking at my DH setting in the room with me when I came so close to loosing him. Seeing my Children happy and well. Hearing my DGC laughing and having fun. Knowing my God is with me and is there for me whenever I need Him.
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Originally Posted by crafty pat View Post
Looking at my DH setting in the room with me when I came so close to loosing him. Seeing my Children happy and well. Hearing my DGC laughing and having fun. Knowing my God is with me and is there for me whenever I need Him.
Amen. You said it well.
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I love to hear kids running around, being kids. I also love playing with my dog, he is hilarious! I also love trying to sew and having Bruno ( my cat) do everything he can to get my hands off the fabric, and on him., or off the tablet, the computer, a book, whatever I am doing when it is time to pet the cat! Lol! I also love the never ending battle DH has with miss kitty over his lap, she thinks he should sit when ever she wants to nap. Visiting with my daughters, and friends, making quilts, dolls, clothing, just about anything made of fabric are other things that make me happy! I have lots to be thankful for and never forget that "it could be worse".
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Being with my family, knowing that my husband cherishes me, the beauty of nature, focusing on my blessings

I had a health scare 3 years ago when I realized how close I was to the other side. It puts a different perspective on what a gift it is to have another day to enjoy.
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My joy is my family but being a home health aid was also a joy. I so loved the elderly I took care of. They were all like grandparents to me. I am thinking of them all as I sit here and laughing to my self over some of the things they did.
Mrs. D was a 96 yr old little Italian lady who was full of stories about coming to America.She had a hinged brace that she stepped into and it came over her knee. After a morning bath she would put on her stocking then the brace all by herself. When the brace was on she would hit her knee and listen for the click which meant she did it right and could get up and walk. Robert was in his 70's and worked hard at thinking up new tricks to play on me he was so funny every day I went to him was a treat. His wife would just say "Oh, thank God your here". He wouldn't listen to me,lol.

The collage art professor who asked if I minded if he walked around naked since he was going to take a shower anyway( And George who came from Austria and managed a well known hotel in NYC. He said for sure there was a PIPPY LONGSTOCKING. He and his wife would tell me all about the Christmas Balls they would have and how he and his wife would open the ball with the first waltz. I was also his secretary and would write letters to his son who still lived in Austria. Then Helen who was a rather large lady who went into the shower with her clothes on so I wouldn't see her naked. LOL the shower door was plain glass. Guess she forgot about that. So many more and such fun times.
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Many things bring me joy...sunrises, sunsets, majestic mountains, a snow fall, mother nature unleashing the buds of spring, or the colors of fall. Wildlife, clouds, country roads and churches. My absolute joy comes from my family...DH, DS's DIL and two DGS. When we are all together I love just watching each one, interact with everyone else, laughing, joking and just talking. A grandchild curled up on my lap. Sometimes I think my heart will burst!!
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Seeing your avatar. That made me smile.
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