What else do you make?

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Mom & Gramma had a box of embroidered dresser scarves. I didn’t wish to get rid of them so I’ve been cutting the embroidered part off & using a backing like wonder under to machine appliqué on new flour sack dish towels - give to our kids or keep myself. Everyone on our block has a set of potholders made by me. Table toppers for seasons. Nightgowns for myself (can’t find what I want so I sew them) & I have about 15 so I put on a clean one every night (luxury to me). Tote bags for woman & child shelter. Drawstring bags for a Mission project. I just gave a set of potholders & matching flour sack dish towels to a family who lost everything in a house fire.
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I don't do much of anything other than quilting anymore so not many recommendations that way.

But sometimes what I'm making is fabric without a quilt in mind yet. I think you have organization and storage methods already in place? This might be a time to put together strings or crumbs or crazy blocks for use in future projects.
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I just bought a pattern to make a top from someone on Etsy. I haven't done that in a long time. Cute pattern. We shall see.........
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I make all sorts of small items to use my small stash .
WIP baltimore quilt applique wall hanging, cocktail napkins, small doll, needle maps, pin cushions, 2 Xmas wall hangings, pillow cases hand sewn, half apron double sided same fabric , bags, cosmetic bag, WIP muslin nightgown, bed runner for my illness bed, placemats. table runners, stuffed mini Xmas trees etc. My album has some pictures to see!
This year so far made pillowcases and a two sided apron extra long in 2 coordinating fabrics, one side jam jars was very thin cotton so other side is mini cherries in a normal good quilting cotton.
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My silly answer is.....A Mess! I love making quilts large and small and have by choice dropped all of my other crafts. I used to hand embroider, crochet, cross stitch, crewel work even a little bit of knitting, but all of that gone away. Now, I make quilts to give away and in general mess up my space then clean it up again.

I forgot, I do make dog beds for a local shelter. Those help me clear my mess because they are filled with scraps from my quilts that are too small to use and would just go in the trash. Now they go to make a soft resting place for dogs and cats.

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Wallhangings, placemats, that sort of thing. I also make and/or fix items for horses and camping as needed. I've made a few totes and bags, a cork purse that turned out well and I'm just about to start a matching wallet. I used to make scrub tops and matching caps for work. I make my own nighties because you can never find nice ones anymore. The occasional stuffed animal to go along with a baby quilt.
I'd like to make a rope bowl...I'll have to get around to that.

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Rare Science is a charity that gives teddy bears to ill children. You can look up their website. I learned about them from a Rob Appell YouTube video. They require one specific Simplicity pattern. I have completed one bear and plan to do more.
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After sewing art quilts for many years, I started to use paints, inks, etc. to make a softer transition from one color fabric to the next. Now I'm learning to paint with alcohol inks by blowing them around with a straw or other device on the back of photo paper. They flow in an organic way, creating magical colors when they overlap, and shapes that are beautiful and dream like, too. My goal is to use them on fabric, probably canvas, and then sew to create lines and shapes. YouTube is a wonderful learning device. People are generous with their time and talent, and if it weren't for the pandemic, I couldn't have learned as much as I did. Like quilting, there's no substitute for practice practice practice.
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Default I have been making masks for family and friends

these are a few of the masks I have made -- so far 19
Attached Thumbnails img_0721.jpeg   img_0826.jpeg   img_0834.jpeg   img_2613.jpeg  
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I made a zippered carrying bag for my boogie boards. Also, a large seashell shaped hot pads that sit next to microwave for larger casserole dishes and warmed leftovers to land. I ordered some faux leather to make zippered storage bags for make-up that I also use for Wonder Clips storage, washable markers, or whatever. Currently working on a jelly roll rug using indoor/outdoor fabric. Also cutting t-shirts to make a memory quilt for a friend.
I have made splash guards for sailboat built by my brother-in-law.
I made the "Beatles Tour" back display for my friend that entertains on cruise ships. It was basically a large stretchy tube that was mounted on a PVC structure.
I used to make my clothes and appliqued outfits for daughters. One time I had a medical emergency that involved cutting off my shorts, but I protested because "I just made those!"
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