What is YOUR take on this?

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I frequently wish I had one of those kitchens that are always being ripped out. I can imagine what they would say if they came into my kitchen with its 1930's Estate stove which has 12-inch legs. Not many people can sweep and mop under their stoves.
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Havent watched HGTV for years. Used to have good shows like remodeling for $500. The shows were aimed at everyday people.
Now it makes me mad to see such waste. Filling the dump with perfectly good stuff.
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I know - I watch those shows and think I must be only one left in America who likes carpet better than hard wood floors. My husband I laugh as they go around chirping " hardwood floors,hardwood floors!" But they wouldn't have a renovation show without changing everything, so I suppose that's why.
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I've watched them before - mostly just background noise when nothing else is on. I don't really pay any attention to the "trends!" I have hardwood floors, stained/polyed trim, windows, and doors, and the wood cabinets. If I keep my (in my opinion) beautiful wood, I'll be back in style in a few years!!! As far as the quilts go.....what idiots!! They just have no respect for anything that isn't "trending." Sad!!
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I hate modern looking homes. I like traditional cabinets. I am one of the few who still like carpeting, not into the hardwood floors. I like beautiful victorian style homes with porches and charm. Everyone has different styles and I don't think these shows take that into consideration. If everyones houses looked the same it would be boring just like if everyones quilts were the same. It's the same with fashion, they put out all these trends and I find them so ugly and then its hard to find clothes you like. I absolutely hate skinny jeans and now thats what you find everywhere. what do they think we are all sheep that just follow the herd and have no opinion of our own.
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Haven't seen the show, but I think they are pushing all new stuff to please their sponsors. If everybody ripped out their old carpet and put in new hardwood floors that just puts $$$ in the advertiserment industry's pockets.. same with all the "new" stuff they're pushing..

It takes a brave soul to not fall victim to the latest and greatest fads in decorating... I bite my tongue when friends say they're "updating" their kitchen, etc..
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I think every room on HGTV looks alike. I'm sick of "that shade of blue" with brown or black. Surely someone can come up with something unique. I liked it better when then had so craft shows on also.
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I hate the modern stainless steel appliances and the granite countertops in kitchens. I have not figured out the appeal to that look, it is so cold . Maybe it is a sign of the times since people seem less courious to others than the past. What I do not like mostly is that the shows make me feel I am the one in the wrong because I do not like this look. And the House Hunters, the young people always want "privacy" what are they planning to do in their yards? And do they really think their neighbors are going to sit and watch them all the time? People are not the center of the univerice as much as they think they are LOL.
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I haven't watched any shows of any kind for almost 2 yrs except here and there. I have learned a lot and it helped with me doing my own repairs. But one thing I did learn is styles change and then come back. In the last oh say 5 yrs or maybe a little longer 1950's anything was/is in style with some of the younger set. And to tell you the truth I like anything older mostly because its made better. A little paint can do wonders. I see no reason to replace things if they can be worked around. Right now my bedroom is done in 1930's "style" sort of. And it could sort of be called shabby chic . ONly I am not going to paint and sand off. LOL I am lazy. Now if the kitchen is falling apart and it can be redone the right way then yep fix it. But those oak cabinets. Instead of tearing them out just paint them . The world isn't going to end if you paint wood. (like my brother thinks) . I would never let any TV show make me feel bad about what I have.
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Well then they wouldn't like our place then, our home was over 20 yrs old when we bought it. The kitchen cupboards are white with tan handles (are next major project to upgrade), it's had some tacky wall paper and colors that we've since changed. I don't like the home shows that go in and gut out a house and put in all these things that most of us can't afford, I saw one of the Flip House shows on the weekend and the woman took a chain saw to a beautiful spiral staircase and put in one around $10K it was just stupid. I find there is less to watch on TV as there is more and more of this reality TV crap. More time for me to quilt I guess, and yes I'm in Canada and yes we do love our quilts here I don't know why someone would think we're all that horrible.
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