Windows 7 anyone?

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Originally Posted by PatriceJ View Post
don't go back to 7.

customize 10 so it looks and acts like 7 did.
you will have to google for the steps.
not difficult to do.
just figure out what you miss most and track down the steps to getting it back in 10.
it's all there.

i don't use any of the windows browsers.
i left them behind years ago.

firefox for most things.
chrome for a [very] few others.

8 was the pits.

i like 10 better than anything since vista.

This is what I did too. I did not like the look of Win 10 so I made it look like Win 7. Then I was able to navigate just fine. A couple of my programs acted funny at first but I was able to use the "legacy" option to get them going. It took me a while to find that option in the setting but once I did all was well. I did change from Firefox to Chrome those because Firefox didn't seem to like Win 10 so much. Chrome and Firefox are so much alike that it was easy to make the change. I have never been a fan of Explorer or now the Edge. I am a Google girl. I am not crazy about Bing for a search engine either.
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I'm the odd man out here. I still have Windows 7 and love it! My PC crashed a couple of years ago. I had the original (W 7) install discs but needed to go online to update some of the things and that was not an option. My DH works for a school. They gave me an old PC and installed W 7 on it for me. I was (and still am) in heaven!

I do use the cloud - One Drive/Skydrive - to store some of my files that I want access to while traveling. When traveling I use a Windows 10 laptop.

On my W 7 PC I use Firefox. Because the laptop I use when traveling is actually another 'school' laptop that was a (long ago) loaner to DH I have not downloaded Firefox on it. We were on vacation this past week and I was using the laptop and Internet Explorer (or whatever the W 10 version of that is called). And let me tell you, without the ad blocker that works so well in Firefox it was painful!

And this will make most of you gasp - but I have no additional security on my PC beyond what my ISP provides. I have always been of the belief that hackers do not care about my PC. They get all they want from hacking into major companies - banks; department stores and the like. They get the same, if not more, of our personal data there. They can't be bothered hacking individual's computers. I've never had a virus issue. I've never been hacked. I say...I'm odd man out. If you have the option/ability to go back to W 7 and you want to - go for it. If you are highly security conscious - you may not be able to. Outside vendors' security software can still be updated but W 7's internal security and any OS 'glitches' will not be able to be updated.
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My daughter changed to windows 10(she has a laptop) and it did not load properly, she finally gave up and took it to a computer specialist,it cost her a little over a hundred dollars. but she said its the best money spent in a long time .I have Windows 7 on all 3 of my computer devices(desktop, tablet and cell phone ), and am going to take my desktop to a specialist (Computer Doctors) to upgrade it, as I'm starting to have some problems they say windows 10 will fix.My desktop is 5 years old and can be a great pain at times.I'll have to buy a new Kindle fire to get Windows 10 on a tablet(no upgrades on it or my cell phone.)
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I pay dearly for extra protection because I did get my identity stolen in 2017.(they got it from hacking my computer, not my bank)after of having to file a stolen identity with the government, they recommended me to get the extra security.(took me over a year to get that cleared up and it was a claim against me in a credit collection agency .If you don't use your computer for financial purposes, I would think you're doing ok.
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I have new 'all-in-one' Win10, but I don't use it because I[ve not been able to figure out how to have email contacts saved as in xp and 7 mail programs. So I;m still using Win7ult desktop...It is so very much like XP, which everyone loves. I so hated to give it up. I use firefox browser, free antivirus & malware, as well as Adblocker. I know I will have to switch to 10 someday, (or maybe not, if I kick the bucket first [img] I don't worry abt hackers so much because they prob are not interested in quilting!

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Originally Posted by cgsumter View Post
As for browsing the web, I use Brave. It is a variation of Chrome browser. It automatically blocks a lot of annoying advertisements and animation unless you choose to allow it on a per-site basis.
I have nothing to contribute about the Windows 7 question other than to say that I love Windows 10, and that's not helpful. But I did want to say thank you for mentioning this browser! I'd never heard of it, but I read a bunch of reviews, tried it and it's now installed on my laptop, my desktop, and my phone.
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I've had Brave browser on my iPad it!
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Thanks everybody for your information. I have been having so much trouble with the Edge search constantly closing on me after a time, I just switched to Chrome with the only problem being the ads. I just dl the Brave search engine and will try that. How do you handle the updates? I have had trouble when I updated everything and had to undo the dl. I don't use the cloud, voice, touch screen and most of the extras. I am not sure what updates to use. LOL
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Originally Posted by Jerseyrayne View Post
I am not sure what updates to use. LOL
just accept the Windows updates your system "offers."
the same for Chrome or other browsers.

just make sure the updates originate from the product itself.
don't accept third party updates.
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I did not like windows 10 when I got it but I like it now it is a lot like windows 7 but better
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