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First -- welcome from Southeast Michigan. Are you using a single stitch plate? This is a plate with a round hole where the needle enters your fabric. Previous suggestions to hold both threads and/or use leaders/enders are very good suggestions. Hope you can solve your problem.
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Welcome from So. California!
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Welcome to the board!

I recommend Juki, also. I have the 2010Q and also their longarm in a table. They are great machines. I suggest you go to a quilt show and try out some of the machines. Bernina is very expensive. Singers from the big box stores are junk and won't last long. Everything else is worth a try.
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Welcome from Michigan!
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Waving to you from NE Ohio, welcome to the board. 🙋‍♀️
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Hey, TerriA, I'm glad you found us and yes, it is nice when we have people to talk quilting with.

I'm unfamiliar with your machine, but my first question is "is it on a stable surface". Some people have problems simply because they are trying to sew on a card table that isn't sturdy enough. Figure you can't cross stitch while on a bucking bronco, and you can't sew while chasing your machine like a loose dog.

Next, I'm a big believer in changing needles all the time. If you hear a pooka-pooka sound, that means instead of sewing you are punching holes in your fabric with a beyond dull needle. Causes all sorts of problems. And even if you've just changed needles, the fresh one may have a manufacturing defect. Needles are cheap, buy them on sale/in bulk and replace them often whatever sort you use.

Some machines are better than others in what I call "sewing into space" for that reason, I also use leaders (spiders, because of the threads hanging down like legs) pretty much always, enders not so much.

I prefer to use the single hole footplate and a "quilting foot" that is one that has 1/4" markings all the way around. While typically we sew with the bulk of the fabric outside the machine/to the left, there are times when sewing from the other side gives you better results, like when you have little points getting sucked down into the machine.

And then, some machines just drag and pull more than others. Sometimes you have to help the machine, but mostly I see people fighting their machines instead of letting them do the work. But there comes a point when no, it really isn't anything you are doing or can improve on and the only way to take the next step is a different machine. That doesn't necessarily mean newer or more expensive, but for a machine that does what you want it to do.
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Welcome from southern California! I've had many machines. They all have good points and bad, even the most expensive. If you start to look, you'll find good advice here. And Happy Quilting!
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Welcome from Corpus!
Machine malfunction is frustrating. I feel your pain.
When everything messes up this is what I try:
  • brush lint from bobbin area, taking apart the pieces that hold the case in the machine.
  • remove top thread and start over threading machine
  • take a half hour break-my Bernina is 40 yrs old
When I can't fix issues, I take my machine to be cleaned and oiled. It comes back ready to go, and the tension is set correctly. Doesn't happen often.
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Welcome from Va.

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Welcome from Illinois...I am a transplanted Texan. This is a wonderful board.
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