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RobertaH 05-23-2021 05:09 PM

Hello from Australia
Hello everyone,
I am so delighted to have found this forum
I live in rural victoria australia.
I have been quilting for a number of years but am not very skilled but love it just the same.
I still work so dont get as much time to quilt as I would like but need to work to buy fabric and other quilting goodies.
My quilting room is half a shipping container so will be hoping for suggestions on how to improve my work space.

Tartan 05-23-2021 05:44 PM

Welcome from Ontario, Canada. A space to call your own is great no matter the size. I like to watch the quilting and painting done by Helen Godden on YouTube. She just finished a huge quilted/ painted mural of Australia.

RobertaH 05-23-2021 06:20 PM

Thank you for your kind welcome.
I checked out Helen Godden, all I can say is WOW!!!

Lori B. 05-24-2021 03:26 AM

Welcome from Michigan!:)

"cat"astrophy 05-24-2021 04:12 AM

Welcome from Kansas!

QuiltMom2 05-24-2021 04:19 AM

Waving hello from Maryland, USA!

ibex94 05-24-2021 04:29 AM

Welcome from central Mississippi, USA! Are you hoping to add shelves or add tables to your work area? Or just organize your space with existing furniture? I decided to keep all my fabric boxed up just to stay organized. I spread out on my kitchen table as needed and then move as the table is needed for dinner. I am not the best organizer... I just want my work area to work. My sewing machine is in the dining room, btw. Fabric is elsewhere. I need a shipping container!

Fabric Galore 05-24-2021 06:16 AM

Welcome from central Florida, USA. I use to have my sewing machine on a card table and I had to take it down every time I finished sewing. I am now blessed to have a large room for all of my quilting, knitting, crocheting and other hobbies with lots of storage. That's the main reason I wanted to buy this house 20 years ago and I have enjoyed the freedom of leaving a work-in-progress out on the work table until I have a chance to get back to it.

leaha 05-24-2021 10:08 AM

a warm welcome from Ky.

toverly 05-24-2021 11:11 AM

Welcome from the Florida Panhandle, RobertaH. There are lots of great people on the board. Jump right in.

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