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DesirePathStudio 02-20-2021 02:38 PM

Hello Hello!
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Hi! I'm Kate and I'm joining the forum as an absolute novice. I'm in Minneapolis, but I'm from Southern California, so I've had to learn a lot of new hobbies since moving to the midwest.

I primarily weave and spin fiber, and I'm looking for more uses for my woven fabric (other than scarves and runners), so I'd like to develop some sewing skills. I haven't sewn more than a few small bags in my entire life - mostly because my mother's sewing machine was FORBODEN, but also due to more than a few horrible experiences with cheap tiny plastic sewing machines. (Tears, hot face yelling, and I may have chucked a $10 thrift store mini-sewing machine as a wall once... or twice...)

I've been doing a little bit of research, and learned that treadle machines are great for sewing woven fabric and leather. I recently purchased a White Family Rotary treadle machine off craigslist for $50, in a lovely parlor cabinet. It was serviced when the seller originally bought it for her daughter, but she never used it and couldn't remember how long since it's been used. There's almost no lint or dust on it and it's in such amazing condition! However, the belt (and spare belt) were both super soft and broke over and over while I was testing the machine. I managed to thread the top spool and bobbin, and confirmed the machine works! But, then the treadle slipped backwards and the bobbin thread jammed up, and... the belt snapped... So... that's how it's going so far!

Nice to meet everyone!

pocoellie 02-20-2021 03:00 PM

Welcome to the Board, and wanted to say, what an absolutely gorgeous machine you have. I think the belts are under $20.00, the pliers are probably more than the belt. LOL

DesirePathStudio 02-20-2021 03:07 PM

Hi & Thanks! I'm totally smitten. I've been hunting for a while and stumbled upon her on craigslist; I was half sure the seller would raise the price when I got there, or it would be totally jammed. I feel incredibly lucky :)

I found some replacement belts online, I think I want to try the Amish Rubber Belt I saw... Thankfully I have some pliers and leather awls, if I do get a leather belt as well.

Barb in Louisiana 02-20-2021 04:35 PM

Welcome from South Louisiana. You sure know how to make an entrance. Most of us would love to have that beautiful sewing machine. Good luck with her. I'd name her Granny.

Tartan 02-20-2021 04:40 PM

Welcome from Ontario, Canada. I watched a YouTube on using wool fibre to make dryer balls.

juliasb 02-20-2021 04:51 PM

Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan! It sounds like you have a handle on the new treadle even with the belts breaking on you. It takes time to keep the pedal going in the right direction. You will do it of that I am confident.
It sounds like you do a lot of fiber arts. Adding sewing to the list will make a world of exciting differences to your fiber art projects.
I look forward to seeing a lot of you on the board. Again welcome aboard!

DesirePathStudio 02-20-2021 05:56 PM

Thank you!
Yes I definitely feel lucky, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted a “heavy duty” electric machine, because the reviews can be mixed and the price for a decent machine is not in my budget. I feel like I stumbled on a gem - Granny is a good name :) I was also thinking Lydia, for my husbands great great aunt who was a seamstress. Maybe Granny Lydia hahaha..
And yes, no fiber art career is complete without sewing. I’ll have a lot of questions! And I already love the treadle, it feels a little like my spinning wheel.

Lori B. 02-21-2021 04:36 AM

Welcome from Michigan!:)

QuiltMom2 02-21-2021 04:40 AM

Waving hello from Maryland and that's a nice machine you got there!

luvstoquilt 02-21-2021 04:51 AM

Welcome from Illinois. Your machine is awesome and she is absolutely beautiful. I have two Featherweights (Ruby and Aunt Gertie). My treadle is Franc ( that was my grandmother's name). I also have a Bernina, Janome and a Viking and all are adored! Love to see what you are making..I am in awe of fiber art. I have two jackets I bought in NYC from a weaver several years ago. Every time I wear one I get compliments from someone. They are indestructible.

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