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Quilt Asta 02-21-2021 01:18 AM

Hello, i am
a 56 year old girl, living in flensburg germany near the danish border.
I make quilttops ca since 1990. love patchwork, but i m thinking that i m not able to quilt - so i have many tops, waiting for quilting. Now i have the money and the place for a longarmquiltmachine - but because of covid it s not possible to buy a machine - but it will come. I m reading here since a while. I m interested to get information about qal and new pattern and hope, to show what i m doing in my quiltingspace. I have a full job and normaly sewingtime only sometimes on weekend, but without sport in the evening, quiltingshows on weekend and without trips now i have more sewingtime.


QuiltMom2 02-21-2021 04:47 AM

Welcome from Baltimore, Maryland USA. COVID has given us all more sewing time. Enjoy!

luvstoquilt 02-21-2021 05:02 AM

Welcome from Illinois. I am so happy I am a quilter. without a hobby I would be insane since Covid!

Tartan 02-21-2021 05:27 AM

Welcome from Ontario, Canada.

SallyS 02-21-2021 10:34 AM

Welcome from Southern California where we are enjoying our normal sunny weather. Sewing has been a good friend and therapist to me for many years. When I was working, I'd get up in the middle of the night so I could sew. I'm glad you're enjoying it, too.,

Thumbelina 02-21-2021 05:31 PM

Welcome to the board, waving NE OHIO, USA.

Lori B. 02-22-2021 04:34 AM

Welcome from Michigan!:)

Pam S 02-22-2021 09:32 AM

Welcome from Kentucky. Hope you can get your longarm soon so you can start on the next phase of your quilting adventure. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

leaha 02-22-2021 10:28 AM

a warm welcome from Ky.

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