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OldDog-NewTricks 06-04-2021 01:04 AM

It's her fault...
I ripped a zipper last week, dug out the ole fashion mate 5560 to put a new one in and my daughter came to visit and caught me. “Dad, you still sew?!” Growing up mom taught me to make my clothes and later I worked in furniture upholstery, so I know my way around a machine a little. Tried to teach her but she wanted nothing to do with it. “Make me a quilt”, she said.

She doesn't ask for much and to be honest I have always wanted to try. I stuck the 5560 back in the closet and picked up what I hope is a decent quilting machine (got a great deal on a package) at my local dealer. I asked her to give me until next Christmas to learn. Yesterday I started what I think is called an ugly quilt with a hand full of scraps I was given.

One day I hope to look back on this and say, I remember when, but until then I need your help, It's her fault I am here. Almost 10 years ago my son asked me to quit smoking. If I can do that, I can do this, right?

Lena1952 06-04-2021 03:23 AM

I love scrappy quilts! And yes, if you can give up smoking, you can do anything. Since you already know your way around a sewing machine, you are way ahead of lots of folks who start quilting. How can we help you?

QuiltMom2 06-04-2021 03:42 AM

Glad you're starting sewing again and a new machine is so much fun!

toverly 06-04-2021 04:01 AM

I would pick out a layer cake and go from there. You will get a variety of fabrics that all coordinate. Missouri Quilt Company has some great tutorials for easy patterns with alot of punch. They will also give yardage amounts for border, backing and binding. She will be amazed, you will too. Happy Sewing.

craftiladi 06-04-2021 05:21 AM

I love your story, Have fun on your new adventure & remember it doesn't have to be perfect.

SHELTIE'SMAMA 06-04-2021 05:30 AM

Enjoy your new adventure and remember You Tube can help you solve or plan any corner you sew yourself into any time of day or night.

grannie cheechee 06-04-2021 05:34 AM

I sewed clothes for the family, and using 5/8" seam. Then came piecing quilts with 1/4" seams. I was so worried the seam wouldn't hold. LOL You'll master this quilt for your daughter. Welcome to the board.

ElaineCovid 06-04-2021 03:16 PM

Glad you found this bunch, everyone is very helpful. Just figure out what you want to start and dive in! Someone will always be available to help if needed.

OldDog-NewTricks 06-04-2021 03:29 PM

Thank you for the welcome and suggestions, I am open to them all. "YouTube" yes, live there now, information overload, I honestly need to take a step back and try out what I have learned lol. Currently following Leah Day and The Fabric Patch. If you know one or two more that I should add I am happy to hear it.

Layout, that is the grief point. I try this, I try that, I try the other, I go back to this. LOL, I have OCD'd this thing 6 ways from Sunday.

Let me correct myself here, what I thought were scraps were loose charm packs, an odd name for fabric bundles. I made these solid pastel charms into half-square triangles and started laying them out, over and over and over.
Everyone on youtube says not to spend much time on it, 15 minutes or so (I will easily spend 15 hours lol).
What's funny is, I know the first few will likely go right in the trash. I know I cannot get good until I make a few mistakes and I hope to make this early and get it over with. :)

Tartan 06-04-2021 04:01 PM

If you can do upholstery, you can make a quilt. Watch a few YouTube videos from the Missouri Star Quilt co. For a few ideas.

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