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queenpola 11-15-2010 12:35 PM

Just wanted to share, it's so hilarious...........


ann clare 11-15-2010 12:52 PM

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

NancyL746 11-15-2010 01:10 PM

that was too funny

CarrieAnne 11-15-2010 01:48 PM

Love it!

littlehud 11-15-2010 02:19 PM

That is so funny. And gave me lots of ideas. :lol: :lol: :lol:

sueisallaboutquilts 11-15-2010 02:49 PM

HILARIOUS!!! Loved his bed pillow! :D

Abby'smom 11-16-2010 09:38 AM

Love it !

Tussymussy 11-16-2010 02:47 PM

Oh, that is so funny and only just a teeny, weeny exaggeration about most of us quilters............

quiltaroni 11-16-2010 05:13 PM

What do you mean EXAGGERATION?

Ileen 11-16-2010 07:35 PM

I Have Killed Myself Laughing, I am In Tears That is so Funny.

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