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Onebyone 08-08-2018 07:26 AM

New Brother Luminaire Innov-ís XP1
The price is a tad under $20,000. I watched a facebook video of this machine and seems most users were spending more time on the computer screen then actual sewing. The Brother dealer will have demos of this machine and I will love to see this machine in person and what it can do. I have no desire to have one but I am amazed to see the advancements in what sewing machines can do now.


mandyrose 08-08-2018 07:48 AM

your right not much sewing just focusing on the the embroidery part and not much else the only new thing i got out of it was the biggest hoop size, brother also came out with quilting/sewing machine's with bigger harp 11in width and only 5 inch height i may go this weekend to look at them but no desire wanting one.

PatriceJ 08-09-2018 03:12 AM

the harp is actually 13" wide.
but they did forget to make the harp taller.

i have the dream machine 2.
the newest is interesting but not enough to push my baby aside.

Rhonda K 08-09-2018 03:42 AM

Love it! Hope I can see it at local dealer today and will report back! I'm still taking classes to learn all the features on my Dream 2.

trolleystation 08-09-2018 06:11 AM

Guess I am old fashioned...I prefer two machines....one embroidery and one for the other sewing things. Don't like to be tied up waiting for a machine to be serviced. 20k is way over my budget. Can buy a lot of fabric for that amount of money.

Geri B 08-09-2018 06:22 AM

I know someone who invested mucho bucks in a bernina sewing/embroidery machine and now regrets not buying two machines..one for sewing with just minimal features and one strictly for embroidery. Her experience has been that the combo is better at embroidering than just sewing. Don't know from personal experience as embroidery is not something I'm into.

pocoellie 08-09-2018 04:37 PM

Not for me!!! I don't even pay that much for a car, little only a sewing machine!!

ScubaK 08-09-2018 06:58 PM

Onebyone...you must be in the PNW with the Quality Sewing reference.
this looks like a beautiful machine but I wonder if the more business machines have these features?
I love my sewing and embroidery machines but have been put off by how expensive they have become. Even a mid machine is expensive. What about a beginner machine? Are we pricing out the new sewing/embroidery enthusiasts?
I got a deal on a high end Pfaff about 10 years ago and now it is a great door stop. Can't get any response from Pfaff and the techs know nothing about the computer/electronics.
Plus, if I had 20K to spend on a machine, I wouldn't spend it on a machine. I would be traveling the world....
Just my .02 cents...but oh I love the technology...

margecam52 08-09-2018 07:37 PM

I paid under 10K for my 15 needle (w/discount of 5K)...has a huge hoop and tons of extras....can't see 20K for this one...though it's pretty

SusieQOH 08-10-2018 08:19 AM

I don't do embroidery so that's not something that would interest me. Wow, the price tag seems steep! But I haven't bought a machine in awhile.

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