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questions on embroidery machines

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I just like my Janome 550e. I do. It's basic but it gets the job done. I am looking at purchasing embroidery software. I'm leaning towards Embrillance Essentials offered by Amazon because there are just a few things software can do to enhance basic embroidery, It isn't necessary at all. However, the shop I purchased my machine at really wanted me to sign on with a very expensive company. That price was a bit out of my league and I passed on it but Embrillance is something I think I will end up purchasing.
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I don't know what to suggest other than to do call online where you got it from, or do searches on the internet, or check out all the info on Bernette.com There is a dealer locator on that site and also contact info.
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Originally Posted by Delfinaandrina View Post
Please help!!!
I just got Bernette B79. I tried my first embroidery and everything went fine. then started another and it went absolutely wrong. the lower thread came on the surface and the upper thread was on the back of the fabric. Then machine went crazy, I could stop it only turning it off. My embroidery stuck as the main thread were in the needle plate. I cleaned bobbin compartment, changed needle, was trying different tensions for the upper thread, but unsuccessful. Please help me to solve this problem.
Are you still having these problems? First thing that comes to mind, since you've embroidered 1 project successfully, you might need to replace the needle, and open bobbin area--remove lint & dust. If you're using the exact same thread (same spool) but wound a new bobbin, is it wound properly? it should be even & smooth on the bobbin, no lumpy areas, and also--not too full. If you're using different thread--you should always make a sample when using different thread. Fabric & stabilizer choice--- are you using different fabric & stabilizer?
These are same basic questions & issues to resolve as for regular sewing. The embroidery machine worked well for you the first time-- so it is very likely that the needle, thread choice, fabric/stabilizer choice, bobbin are the cause of your issues. I didn't get into tension since I don't know the Bernette machine, but that also could be the issue.
To top it off, it might not just be 1 thing causing the issue, but several things. So, keep a little notebook and whatever you change, write it down. Pretty soon (there are only about 6 or 8 variables) you will hit on the right combination for your machine, thread/needle/fabric/stabilizer/tension etc. If you had a notebook already and written down the successful combo from your 1st design, the machine should produce similar results (assuming threaded correctly, and perhaps no little fingers came along and messed with the settings). Keep playing detective---and in the process you will learn a lot about how the variables affect the outcome.
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Delphinandrina, did you try re-threading your machine? I have 2 Brother embroidery machines. One is a PE800 that is a dedicated embroidery machine with a 5" x 7" hoop area, and the other is a PE400. The PE400 sews and also embroiders a 4" x 4" area. When I first starting using it, I had trouble with the thread going crazy. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the thread wasn't seated in the tension disc correctly. As I was threading it, I put a little pressure on the thread as I was running it through the tension discs until I heard/felt a gentle pop. After that it sewed beautifully. I have been using sewing machines since I was a teenager and have used so many different brands and models of machines. I had never had a problem with threading before. Also, bobbin thread needs to be going in a certain direction to be threaded correctly.

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