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Thread: Anyone have creative grids Stripology ruler

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    Anyone have creative grids Stripology ruler

    How does it compare to the june tailor shape cut. It looks like I might like it more but wanted comments from someone that had one or both. I already have the june tailor
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    I have the Tailor shape cut too. I heard great things about the Stripology ruler and I love Creative Grids, so was sure I needed to have the Stripology ruler. But when I saw it at a LQS, I could not see how it was better than the Tailor one I already have. It was pretty expensive and I decided against it. I'll be interested in hearing what others think about it.
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    I have the June Tailor Shape Cut Pro and the stripology ruler. (The Shape Cut Pro is the one most similar in size to the stripology.) There was a recent thread on the stripology ruler here:

    It really depends on what you like.

    The primary disadvantage of the June Tailor, for me, was the fact that it slips. However, I found that if I place another ruler on top of the JT ruler, it no longer slips. Someone in the thread above mentioned this trick. I had treated myself to a Slidelock ruler at the same time that I ordered the Stripology ruler, so that is the one I have been using on top of the JT. Basically what I do now is start in the right-most slot of the JT ruler I want to use and work from right to left. I place the Slidelock a couple of inches to the left of the JT slot, cut, then I lift the Slidelock and move it to the left until it is about 2" to the left of the next slot I want to use for a cut. I am easily able to use my 60mm cutter this way.

    The advantage of the Stripology ruler is that by itself it doesn't slip. However, that is a disadvantage too when you are positioning it on top of the fold of a fabric. I found the JT ruler easier to position because it moves easily over the fabric; with the Stripology ruler, you have to lift in order to re-position. At first it seemed like the stripology ruler had an advantage because it is firm; however, again I found there to be a disadvantage. The slots are quite stiff and I found it difficult to use a 60mm cutter in them; after just one or two cuts, I switched to a 45mm cutter because that was much easier.

    My preference so far is the June Tailor Shape Cut Pro in combination with a Slidelock ruler. If you already have a JT Shape Cut Pro in good condition, then it might be a better bet to purchase a Slidelock ruler as I did. The one thing I can assure people is that you do not need *both* a JT Shape Cut Pro and a Stripology ruler. They are very, very similar. The Stripology is a little wider, which allows more cuts before you need to move it; however, it is shorter than the JT which can make it more difficult to complete a cut at the far end. The Stripology does not slip and slide over fabric; the JT does, but that can be an advantage as long as you can get it to stop slipping when you cut. The Stripology is made of a more rigid material, but that also makes it (and its slots) less forgiving.

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    Hadn't heard of it, but now I "need" one! I was not a fan of the June Taylor model (as mentioned in the video and in the linked discussion, the grid is thinner and it bent when I was cutting), so gave it away. If I still had it, I could use it as I do have the Slidelock - which I also love.

    Thanks to OP for the question!

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    I have the Stripology ruler and much prefer it over my June Taylor, it doesn't slip and it much sturdier than the JT. I love it.
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    I have both the of these rulers. What I don't like about the CG is that it's not easy to use the 60mm cutter. The instructions state that once you get comfortable using the ruler, you can cut up to 3 fat quarters at a time. Even with a new blade in my 45mm cutter, it was hard to do, as there is not a lot of room at the beginning of the slot to get your cutter in. I do like that you can cut several different widths at the same time tho, without having to move the ruler. Also I sometime missed getting the beginning and ending cut thru. If I had been able to try it out before buying it, I not sure I would have, as it is pricey.

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    I received a Stripology ruler last week from my secret pal at guild! It's much sturdier then the JT. I like the ten inch layer cake marking. I thought why would that marking be so great but I discovered it is genius. I also highly recommend the SlideLock for safety.

    I use the 45 cutter, I have never been able to use the 60 in any slotted ruler without a hassle and I have much better control using the 45.
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    I just bought the Stripology ruler a couple of weeks ago and just love it. I also have the June Tailor ruler and I am now going to give it to my friend as I find the Stripology ruler so much easier to use. It is sturdier and I find that I do not have to struggle to get ny 45 rotary cutter in the slots. It is true that you have to lift the ruler to move it but once in positioned it makes fast cutting - I made 52 2.5 squares in less than a minute. The other advantage is you can cut strips in 1/4" strips - meaning you can cut 1-1/4" strips -your not limited to strips measuring in 1/2" - meaning 2 1/2" strips. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigi712 View Post
    I have the Stripology ruler and much prefer it over my June Taylor, it doesn't slip and it much sturdier than the JT. I love it.
    Agree. The June Taylor ruler was too thin and broke in several places. The Stripology is thicker, more solid and wider. Had no trouble cutting thru 4 layers with a 45 diameter blade.

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    I have both! Just bought the creative grids and LOVE, LOVE , LOVE it! It doesn't slip, it has rough strips underneath and it is the BOMB!

    Also it is made of thicker material and doesn't get all sliced up in the grooves by your rotary cutter. They indeed 'built a better mousetrap'!
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