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Check out this page because I resemble that remark --->

That is hysterical! I need one of those!
This thread has been a hoot to read. Yes, I have a stash and list of quilts to make that exceeds my life expectancy, however, I'm not quite as deep as some of you. My roommate and I are both quilters, so turning our dining room into the sewing room was a no-brainer. We eat at the bar. Then I gave my daughter the good dining room table, so we set our 6 foot cutting table in the living room, since we never sit in there anyway. It's lovely to live with a partner in crime. We enable each other. No complaints if quilting is done instead of housework, cooking or yard work. We understand priorities! I was just eying my closet today and thinking, "hmmm, I bet I could build shelves in that space for fabric!" I just hope playing in your stash gives you as much joy as playing in mine does me. It's actually pretty cheap therapy!