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Judy Niemeyer pattern.

Judy Niemeyer pattern.

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Default Judy Niemeyer pattern.

I am taking a JN muliday workshop. If you don't know her she does this:http://www.quiltworx.com/patterns/

The first half of the day we cut and cut and cut. Okay I'm game with this new way. We get to sewing. I cut one whole section using the wrong print fabric so I cut fabric big enough to cover the spots I needed like in regular paper piecing and it worked fine. I sat and looked at all that fussy cutting on individual papers and thought Really? LOL I'll continue sewing as the instructor says because it is her class. Maybe I'll learn more tomorrow as of why it's easier being a longer way.

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You go, girl! This is why I often have trouble in workshops and classes. It's just plain hard to do things a different way when what you've been doing for a long time is so much better for you! And not so foolish!
I admit, I once took a class at the International Quilt Festival with a friend who was just dying to take this one class. Unfortunately, I knew of the teacher and how she taught, so I insisted we sit in the back of the class. I walked my friend through the whole thing as if we were at home doing it, LOL! My way! Because after all, it really, honestly, was so much easier. (And she admitted about an hour into it that she really did waste her money on that teacher, LOL!) (I'm so bad. But I swear the teacher was oblivious to us; there were some 30 students in that class!)

I have mellowed with advanced age, I promise.

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I think my comment is for both of you ladies. I like paper piecing and decided to take a JN class. It was taken over several weeks. The teacher would demonstrate as she was taught (certified JN teacher). I tried it her way and soon was doing it 'my way'. I was told that I was a rebel. I felt that the object was to complete the units so they work together to complete the quilt as the pattern was designed. I was soon doing my own thing and keeping my mouth closed. I learned a lot but not all of it was useful. I am glad I took the class and I would do another design by JN but I would use my techniques.
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I have one of JN's patterns but haven't tried it yet. I have done other designers' PP patterns though. I also like to get all the cutting done ahead of time and then jump into sewing in an assembly line style. So I guess her class would work for me. I figure if you got something out of the class then it wasn't a loss for you. Also if you were able to get her pattern done, again a plus for you so no total loss. We all have various ways we do things and yes, its hard to change at our age. My neighbor works on one block at a time as I do the assembly line method. Both works and we get the same end result.
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Hi, I'm on my 3rd JN pattern. Tried cutting all those little pieces and then tried to match them to the paper pieces pattern. Ppfff! My pieces were too small. I strip piece her quilts. I cut the strips about the size of the pattern. Sew them all and trim. It's massively easier. Unless you are a OCD perfectionist. I'm not. I'm a kinda sorta person.I
Try measuring the piece, adding the seam allowance and I add a bit just in case. Take into account the angle of the piece.
Like I said, I'm on my 3rd one of her quilts. They turn out stunning. Good luck.
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I have made one JN quilt ( https://www.quiltingboard.com/pictur...l-t270708.html ). I did not take a class so I read the instructions with the pattern about 3 times until I was sure I understood. It was my understanding from the pattern that the reason for the precutting was to get the least amount of fabric waste and by having the rough shape of the pattern piece already cut out the piecer avoids the pitfall of many PP which is that sometimes those odd angles are difficult to visualize and place so you end up with not enough fabric covering the pattern piece. Additionally I believe she is taking grain into consideration so perhaps her layout of the templates has a purpose when it comes to bias so the complex patterns don't stretch out of shape in critical areas.

I did not cut the way that was illustrated in the pattern. Instead I measured the largest length/width of each unit and cut strips of fabric to that measurement and then I utilized the templates to get the correct angles from my precuts. I did not have any issues with any of the pieces being too small.

I do love her patterns and while on the spendy side, because they include all the foundations, I would not hesitate to do another.
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I'm another that loves her designs - yet does not follow her method. I'd already done quite a bit of PP before one of hers, and read through the directions and knew there was no way I was going to it that way.

I only worry about grain if I've got curves to deal with. I have no problem dealing with stretch when you don't need it, but if you need to ease around a curve and need stretch, you'd better have it.
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Your experience is one of the reasons I don't take classes. I am an efficiency freak and like to do things the fastest and easiest way possible. I find that many teachers aren't as interested in efficiency. It's their prerogative since it's their class. I just get so annoyed that I am better off sewing by myself.
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I find Judy's precutting causes more waste than other methods, but is much quicker if you are doing the project as chain piecing, working on all the blocks of that segment at the same time. I can do PP either way, but usually just go ahead and do it Judy's way on her patterns.
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I did learn how to be more organized. I didn't do it my way in class that would be rude to the instructor who was actually very nice and knew her stuff. I detest reading patterns so made myself read as I went. I'm glad I did take the workshop, at least I know how to do JN pattern any way I want.
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