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Juki F600 or Janome 6500/6600 or Janome Horizon 7700

Juki F600 or Janome 6500/6600 or Janome Horizon 7700

Old 06-10-2012, 01:09 AM
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Default Juki F600 or Janome 6500/6600 or Janome Horizon 7700

Hi all,

I apologize in advance that this post is so long. I just wanted to provide some background regarding my skill level and what I am looking for in a machine. I was wondering if I can get some help on deciding on my next sewing machine.

I am a total beginner in the sewing world. Right now, I have a vintage Singer Featherweight 221. I am ready to add another machine that will do a bit more. I will be sewing some garments, hemming, decorative pillows, tactical bags made of heavy canvas, and plan to totally dive into quilting, especially free motion quilting.

I don't want a "throw away" cheapy machine, so I have narrowed it down to either the Juki F600, Janome 6500 or 6600, and the Janome Horizon 7700. DH wants me to choose a machine that will make me happy and something I can totally grow into. I've been reading and searching forums till my eyes are crossed and it hasn't really made my decision any easier. I do know that I want to get a Sew Perfect table, since the table height is adjustable.

I was very interested in the Juki F600 since it can go through many layers of denim, but the only authorized Juki sewing machine dealer in town hasn't gotten really great reviews. I want to be able to trust my sewing center when I need to bring the machine in for servicing. The Janome dealer here in town has always gotten great reviews, so I do feel confident when I need to utilize their service.

I've heard a lot of great things about the Juki, so I was wondering if I should take my chances and just go for that one. Or play it safe and get a machine in which I know will have good local service support.

And...to make the decision even harder...DH is telling me for the price of a Horizon 7700, I can get the Juki F600 and the Janome 6500 or 6600 and have 2 machines. I know I would love to have a free arm, so the Juki or the Horizon falls into play. The large harp space on the Horizon is 11", which would be great to doing large quilts. But am also wondering if the Horizon 7700 would be too much machine for me. He's given me a nice budget to work with, but that doesn't mean I want to spend it all on one machine either.

Would a 9" harp or throat space work for doing a queen sized quilt? Another alternative for doing large quilts for me is take a class on the long arm and then rent out time on the long arm machine at the LQS if I even need to quilt anything large down the line.

Is there a huge difference between the Janome 6500 vs. 6600? For someone with my skill level, will I even know the difference? I know the 6600 has the Accufeed system. Some people love it and some people hate it. I'm guessing since I really have no prior experience, I really wouldn't have anything to compare to. I do know that these machines do not have a free arm, which is something I would really like.

I know this post may sound like I'm overthinking it too much, but I do want to try to make the right decision on my purchase, as I really want a machine that will be with me for a long time.

Sorry again for the long post. Any thoughts from you experts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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I would go for the Janome 6600 over the 6500. The Janome 7700 is a beautiful machine and I guess you could "grow" into it, so to speak. I have had the 6600 for 7-8 years now, and I love it. I have quilted many a king size quilt on her. I am not gentle with my machines, I work them hard. After all the time I've had her, she decided she needed a break in March this year. She had only been serviced once since I got her, and that was just for a good cleaning. In March, I had to take her back in. It turned out to be a fuse had blown, so $100.00 later, she was cleaned, oiled and ready to rock. I know nothing about the Juki machine, but if your budget will cover both, then I would suggest the Janome 6600 and the Juki F600. I did a search on the Juki F600 and it doesn't look that much different that the Janome 6600, so, to me it didn't offer much more.
But, like buying a car, you will get a hundred responses and all of them different. And in the end, it will be your choice. I love my Janome 6600 and really have no desire to upgrade to the Horizon 7700, mainly because of the price.
Test drive both if you can and good luck with your decision.
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Old 06-10-2012, 02:48 AM
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If it fits your budget I would recommend going straight to the 7700.

I love my 6600. I don't plan to upgrade. However, if I planned to start garment sewing again I would absolutely make the investment. The free-arm makes garment work so much easier. I can think of many ways in which it would be useful to quilting, too. The added bonus of two more inches of harp for quilting would "seal the deal."
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I have the Juki 2010Q and if any other of my machines quit on me, I would go right out and purchase the Juki F600. I purchased my 2010Q from a dealer in Arizona and I live in Maine. I purchased sight unseen and have never regretted it. Most machine dealers/repair people will be able to fix any problem. But the chances of having a problem are nil. Juki's are great machines and you would be pleased with the F600 without a doubt.
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As Quilterella said, skip the 6500 ... there's so many more features in the 6600 over the 6500. I considered it when I bouight my 6600, and as soon as I saw the differences, I never even gave it a consideration. I love my 6600. One being the AccuFeed system ... you won't want to miss out on that!

I don't know the 7700 well ...as you mentioned it does have the extra 2" throat space, and it seems the free arm is important to you though, which as you know is not in the 6600. Take a good look at the options of the two .... I know there are a few things that are on the 6600, that are NOT on the 7700, that to me, steered me from the 7700. One I seem to recall is something about the thread ... perhaps, does not hold 2 spools? or does not allow for larger spools? Sorry, by I can't 't remember what! There's a good comparison chart re features on the Janome site.

As for the Juki ... sorry, I know nothing about it! However, to me, service is all important!!!!!!

Another consideration ... the Janome1600 is known to be a true workhorse for seamstresses. It only goes forward and backwards, no fance stitches, and I'm sure it has the free arm. So perhaps the 6600 and 1600?

It looks like your husband is giving you a nice budget to pick your "forever" machine(s)!! Take your time, compare the specs of each of the machines .... and go on in and do some test drives. And no, you are not overthinking. Rather you are shopping wisely.

Good Luck! .. and Have FUN!!!
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I have a Janome 6600 and also the Juki f600. Hands down, my preference is the Juki. The 6600 is in a closet. I also have a Janome 1600p. If you are spending enough to get a Horizon, and if you have enough room, consider getting the 1600 along with either of the other two models....HTH
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Go for the 7700 you will not be sorry
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I don't think you are overthinking the issue--I think you are being wise. I was in your position this time last year, and researched thoroughly before buying. I already had a Kenmore (made by Janome) that had served me well, but wanted an upgraded machine with more bells and whistles, and one more conducive to FMQ. After extensive research, I decided on Janome...and narrowed it down to two machines--the 6600 and the 7700. The 7700 is a great machine, but it would not fit in my cabinet (which is perfect for my studio, and I didn't want a new cabinet). So I got the 6600 AND got a 350E embroidery machine. I was able to get both machines for slightly more than the cost of the 7700. The extra 2" of harp space would be nice, but I haven't had any problem with the 6600 (in fact, I made king-sized quilts with my old Kenmore, which has much less harp space than the 6600). The free arm was not an issue for me since the Kenmore has a free arm. All in all, the 6600 is a wonderful machine, and I am thrilled with it...and with the embroidery machine. Good luck and happy sewing/quilting!
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I am going to throw my vote for the Juki F-600. Go to pattern review and read about this machine. There is a reason so many people love it. For one the motor is many times more powerful than any other brand. I feel fine saying this as I've owned just about every machine out there, including the Janome. I had the Viking Diamond, The Pfaff Creative Vision, Babylock Ellisimo, Babylock Quest Plus, etc. I now sew with the F-600 and a Juki 98TL. You cannot beat the strength of the motors. I sew Vera like bags. These are the only machines that will go thru 8 layers of double sided quilted fabric. You might not use the strength all the time, but when you need it it is good to have.
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Originally Posted by Judi in Ohio View Post
These are the only machines that will go thru 8 layers of double sided quilted fabric. You might not use the strength all the time, but when you need it it is good to have.

I can't speak from experience though my understanding is that the Janome 1600 will go thru layers and layers ... as another option.
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