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My chronically ill daughters blanket. What fabric is this? >

My chronically ill daughters blanket. What fabric is this?

My chronically ill daughters blanket. What fabric is this?

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Default My chronically ill daughters blanket. What fabric is this?

So my daughter is very sick, and has been for years. She is bed bound and on a feeding tube and oxygen. She got some quilts from my mother about 10 years ago, but have used them to the point they are in shreds (my mom has dementia, and doesn't remember us, or I'd ask her).

I'm looking for help identifying everything about this blanket. The best way to describe the fabric? Cold. I am desperate to give her some kind of comfort back. I've searched Goodwill/yardsales for years with not luck.

So as someone who isn't a quilter, I've decided to try to make it. (unless you know where I can buy one) thanks in advance, I'm so desperate to help her in some small way.

Pictures included of 2 of the blankets she used.
​​​​​​(OK maybe not because I don't know what I'm doing, but included links)



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here, let me put them in links. Sorry, the fabric is not familiar to me.

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Maybe a better picture would help. It needs to be flat and straight enough that we can see the pattern of the material. Everything is blurry for me.
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Without feeling the material, it's hard to tell what it is. Can you call a quilt or fabric store near you and ask if they know of anyone who makes quilts for others? You could also take one of the quilts in to the store and they should be able to help you determine the type of fabric. Good luck!
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Tencel, rayon and linen are probably the fabrics which feel coolest to the touch.

You could make a wholecloth quilt of rayon challis (lots of beautiful, bright prints and very smooth) or buy a set of Tencel sheets and use the sheets as backing fabric for a rayon top.

You can buy Tencel fabric by the yard, but I don't know any stores which carry it. The sheets will be very fine and smooth - easy on the skin.

If you use a bamboo batting, it will wick moisture away from the body, and feel cooler, too.

I hope this was some help.
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Hi, If you have a quilting guild in you town, they give quilts to places in need every yr and I know they could help you.
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Chances are it's a cotton/poly blend. If it's been washed many times and held up well, it's likely either cotton or cotton/poly blend. BUT, it doesn't look wrinkled, which indicates it's not 100% cotton. It appears to be tied, not quilted. It would not be that hard to make, if you sew at all.
This is a video of Donna Jordan making a tied quilt. She's using a pieced top and a solid backing, but your quilt has both sides that are solid. Yours has what's called "prairie points" around the edge. I'm not sure I would tackle the prairie points as a beginner, but here's a video of her making prairie points. These are larger and on a table runner, but show you how it's done.
Good luck.
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Sewingsuz is correct. If you were near my group would be happy to provide a quilt or two or more. My grandchildren are loving the fleece quilts available in all stores..soft and cuddly..very inexpensive. They prefer them to my quilts now.
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The fabrics are not familiar to me either from the pictures that you shared. A big welcome to your joining us. Sorry I could have been no help today.
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To me the gray one looks like flannel. When you said "cold", did you mean the fabric feels cold?
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