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Susan7639 10-13-2015 04:01 PM

Basic 4 patch, most basic of questions
Trying to learn to nest seams together. The first 4 patch turned out perfectly with the little square in the center lying flat. All the rest do not have the square. Don't know if I am even wording right, can anyone help? Thanks!

barbgooch 10-13-2015 04:30 PM

Can you show a picture of your problem? That might help with the suggestions.

geevee 10-13-2015 04:35 PM

Compare the direction the seams are pressed (in the others) to the one that lays right, can you see where one or more are pressed in the other direction?

Cass62 10-13-2015 04:40 PM

Are you pressing them with "spinning seams"? Like this:


sushi 10-13-2015 04:45 PM

Harriet Hargrave, author of the Quilter's Academy series of books, calls it "fanning the seams," and she describes the process this way:

1. With the four-patch wrong side up, position it so that the seam you just stitched is parallel to you (running left to right). You will notice that the top left square has no seam allowance pressed onto it; neither does the lower right square. We are going to push the horizontal seam toward these 2 squares, splitting the stitches in the center.

2. Twist your thumbs slightly while you do this, and the stitches in the seam will release, allowing the seam allowances to lie in 2 different directions. You should get a tiny four-patch in the very center where all the seams meet.

While I can't say what's causing your problem, I hope Harriet's instructions will help you!

quiltsRfun 10-13-2015 05:24 PM

Also, if you want the seams to all swirl in the same direction, be sure to start with the same color at the top of the seam. Example: For a blue and white 4-patch, piece your first two squares and press. Then when sewing these u it's together, always start the seam with the blue at the top. Hope that makes sense.

ManiacQuilter2 10-14-2015 06:47 AM

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I just made 10 four patches from scraps. I prefer to oversize them. After I sew them, I starch and press them. Before you trim them down, you can check see if your seams are straight. You will see the tiny pinwheel in the center of the back of the block and how I pressed the seams.

Susan7639 10-15-2015 08:34 AM

Hi ladies, sorry so late to respond but I have been viewing replies from my phone and can't figure out how to post from it. Your descriptions and photos really did help a lot. Still not batting 100% but getting a good outcome more often, thank you!

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