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girlsfour 01-08-2012 05:25 AM

Bernette H79 Embroidery Machine Help
Hancock Fabrics has this machine for 90% off. It does have some embroidery stuff preloaded on it but there is an additional software available out there (Bernina website) for approx $900. There is nothing on ebay at all even close to this machine. After searching the internet the only thing I can come up with is more generic embroidery software. Does anyone know if that kind of stuff works with these machines?

Now, I do know this is not the top of the line machine, but for the price ($65) it might be an okay deal.

Any suggestioins would be greatly appreciated.


QuiltnNan 01-08-2012 05:48 AM

Howdy neighbor! I looked at it here http://www.hancockfabrics.com/Bernet...VVviewprod.htm. It has a nice, large hoop. I like the autothreader and the clear bobbin cover. Even if you do not invest in the software, I think it has many uses. Make sure that you can choose the order of the alphabet so that you can do labels... i couldn't tell that from the link. What a great price!

girlsfour 01-16-2012 06:24 AM

Thanks for the reply. If I could get the alphabet and do labels it would be worth it. No one in the Hancock Fabrics family can seem to find out anything about this machine other than the software is somewhere about $700. Since you were the only kind person to respond to my post, I am going to repost it under the 'main' section. You never know - someone might know something. I do know that the machine will be taken off the shelf soon as it won't go under 90% off. It will either be donated or destroyed.


sewgray 01-16-2012 07:04 AM

I think you could use embird software. I have Bernina's and Bernina software and it is very expensive, and you have to update it pretty often.

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