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KalamaQuilts 07-10-2020 04:11 AM

can you make out the block design?
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The star-ish block in the upper right? I can't get my head around it, but it looks fun.

Iceblossom 07-10-2020 04:17 AM

Not a star I am familiar with, but I always love seeing plaids and stripes being used in various ways.

Looks like a couple ways you could go about it, either starting with an octagon in the center, or by making V units that include one each of the red/blue bars and the triangle in-between, as well as the point in the middle.

I'll see what I can draw up, but I'm still on my first cup of coffee -- and this looks like I need 3 cups.

GingerK 07-10-2020 04:27 AM

To me it looks like a Dresden with two different colours for the blades. Not sure if they are the same height either. Where did you come across this picture/pattern. I have a pile of homespuns that would be perfect for something like this. If you have pictures of more of the blocks, please share.

Tartan 07-10-2020 04:40 AM

I think it is a fussy cut, pointed Dresden Plate.

stitch678 07-10-2020 04:49 AM

It's a version of the dresdan plate. North, S,E,W,NE,SE,SW,NW are all the pointy dresdan made by cutting a flat top blade that is stitched like a necktie to create points. The in between smaller pieces are likely appliqued beneath the plate,and all is appliqued on top of the background...at least that's how l'd do it. The sewist took care to orient the plaid as centered and in straight of grain direction when cutting.

cjsews 07-10-2020 05:41 AM

I agree it looks like a Dresden. Where the lighter part of the plaid is makes it look like skinny blades. A trick to the eye

juliasb 07-10-2020 05:52 AM

It looks like a Dresden Plate to me with different plaids for the blades. One color having longer blades that the next. Very pretty.

Iceblossom 07-10-2020 05:57 AM

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So here's how I would go about it -- I used an 8-pointed ruler (Quilt in a Day triangle in this case) and folded paper and treated this more like a Lemoyne Star variation than a Dresden Plate.

The first scan shows my folded quarter with outlines drawn, using blades that are about 1.5" wide, it is a large block, about 12". I didn't show the pointy ends on my scan, I'd probably make it easy on myself by just sewing on oversized squares along the diagonal to have enough to trim off, but you could make tiny little flying geese units if you wanted, or maybe consider some texture with prairie points.

The second shows half the block, the darker lines are 1" blades.

edit: you can make the quarters any size you want with those 1" blades, just adjusting the points (or skipping them is easiest and gives you substantially the same look).

KalamaQuilts 07-10-2020 08:03 AM

ah. yes, I can see it might be some form of dresden. Ginger, I contacted place that might have an answer but haven't heard anything back.
thank you IceBlossom, for the visual! With my vision problems, I thought it might be something with Y-seams, or paper pieced? Maybe not.

Jordan 07-10-2020 09:11 AM

I believe it is some form of Dresden Plate pattern. Very nice of Iceblossom to give you a visual to work with.

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