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Divokittysmom 03-09-2016 12:54 PM

Ever NOT been able to 'relate' to a machine??
I'm curious if any of you have ever purchased a machine and then just not been able to really 'relate' to it? There are just certain things about the machine that you are just not happy with?? It is such a popular machine yet it just doesn't 'work' for you?? Has this ever happened to any of you??
Here's my story:
I'm feeling pretty bad about purchasing a Featherweight (FW) ... which I KNOW I can sell and recoup my money at any time... I thought this little machine (which is really a great little machine), would resolve several issues I have been having. It's tiny, lightweight, sews beautifully and is super super easy to take RVing and to quilt classes. What's Not to like???
I began upgrading my machines in 1998 to modern machines with lots of bells and whistles. The one thing I have always disliked was having a machine break down, give me problems, not work properly etc etc while trying to sew/quilt! I have now worked my way up to 2 top of the line machines with embroidery and enjoy them immensely!! However, as many of you know, they are quite heavy! I have a very bad back and wrists soooo the tiny FW seemed to be the perfect answer for me. I guess, I really wasn't prepared to step 'that far' back into sewing history! lol
While I seriously LOVE everything about this little machine for it's history, looks, portability, perfect little stitch (most of the time) etc.... I found that I really really missed all those bells and whistles! I missed my needle up/down, pivot, auto thread cutter, applique' stitches I could go on and on.... and I'm trying not to sound like a snob or a bragger here! I just realized that I had worked very hard to get to the top of the line machines and now I had taken a giant step backward! 79 years back in time!
So now my Wiser Self has learned, that although something can be just absolutely perfect for some people, it doesn't necessarily mean it's perfect for everyone.. No matter how popular something is, no matter how many people tell you that it's absolutely perfect for you.....it just might not work for you.
I have NO plans to sell my little FW at all! I feel honored to own a piece of sewing History! Hubby told me to keep her and take her along on the RV and see if it works for me in there, where I would only be piecing. Yep, He's a keeper for sure!!
Please sign me....
not bashing the featherweights at all, I still love them.... spoiled by modern machines amenities and can't do with out them

Sew Sincerely,

Onebyone 03-09-2016 01:05 PM

I have a white color FW and seldom use it. It sews great but I miss the features of my modern machines too much. I carry it as an extra machine to classes and workshops to have just in case. It has saved the day for many a class member when they realize they left their power cord at home. It is so cute I'll never sell it. It will go to my granddaughter.

Cari-in-Oly 03-09-2016 01:24 PM

Yes. I like my FW but don't love it. It's just too small for me to take seriously. I mostly use vintage machines except for embroidery. I found that I just don't bond with several models of vintage Singers, but others I love and won't part with.


CanoePam 03-09-2016 01:26 PM

I carry my little Featherweight with me in the travel trailer. I only use it for piecing, something it excels at. I don't consider it a replacement for my beloved Bernina 440 with its multitude of stitches, needle down, etc. I really don't have the space to quilt anything in my TT, just piece, so it works for me. If I have thought about doing anything other than piecing, I bite the bullet and bring the Bernina.

I find it hard to switch machines while piecing. Even though I carefully adjust both machines for what I think is exactly the same stitch width, there seems to be a small amount of variation that drives me nuts. For that reason I try to do smaller projects on the FW, something I can get done relatively quickly.


Knitette 03-09-2016 01:32 PM

I too am totally 'spoilt' by modern technology :o I only started sewing/quilting a few years ago, so other than a vague memory of a treadle machine at school had no machine experience. I 'outgrew' my first couple of machines fairly quickly. As I learned more, I wanted to do more.

However these bells and whistles machines weigh a ton and I wanted something portable to take to class. Well.....I had no idea just how much I relied on them. I bought a lightweight model (Pfaff Passport) to take to class as the feet from my other machine would fit.

I nearly drove the other members mad as my machine constantly beeped as I tried to sew without putting the pressure foot down (my other machine could be described as a point and sew kinda machine, lol) and bemoaning the fact it didn't cut the thread or raise the foot automatically when you stopped.

Within a matter of weeks I sold it and put the money towards the next model up from my existing machine, and I now keep the other one at class - no more heavy lifting. We just did not get on and whilst some may think it's a lot of money to leave in a cupboard, for me, it was worth it.

Life is is short and if you can afford to do the things that bring you pleasure and make you happy, then do it.

BTW - I also have a white Featherweight - a beautiful adornment to my sewing room, bought long before I realised how much I enjoy technology!

Tom W 03-09-2016 02:17 PM

Right tool for the use.... Love my FWs for piecing and other small work and taking to classes. TOL Brother combo machine from a few years ago for embroidery, garment sewing and a good deal of quilting (love the 10+" of space to the right of the needle). I have a few dozen machines dating from 1919 to 2008 and each is loved for it's talents. My favorite machine is a mid- 50's free arm Brother that just never complains about anything as long as I keep him oiled and lubed on a somewhat regular basis. My least favorite is a similar vintage Kenmore, it also never balks at anything, sews a beautiful stitch and for whatever reason I hate sewing on it. Use what makes you happy. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, you are different and your needs and wants are different. Enjoying what you do is what is important otherwise it's just work.

Prism99 03-09-2016 02:23 PM

I collected vintage machines for years. At one point I had four featherweights, plus quite a few machines in cabinets. I finally realized that all I was doing with the cabinet machines was dusting them off regularly. I put an ad in the local paper and ended up selling all of the cabinet machines and three of the four FWs (most to a newly-bitten collector). I kept one FW, mostly for nostalgia value.

I realized that my "go to" machine was always my Bernina 1230. I preferred using it to all of the vintage machines, including the FW. At this point in my life, if I need a lightweight machine to take to classes, I will purchase one of the new lightweight machines (perhaps a Janome Gem) *after* trying it out and making sure I actually like sewing on it.

At my age I have accumulated wwwaaaayyyy too many things that I don't *love* and never use. I have decided it's better to keep only those things that really, really, really give me pleasure. All the other stuff is old luggage -- never actually pulled out and used.

Divokittysmom 03-09-2016 02:24 PM

I must say all of you are helping me to feel much better!! Maybe later on I will purchase a new lightweight machine to take quilt classes.However, I will definitely put a new one through its paces before purchasing anything else!!
Thank you sew much for your replies. ;)

roguequilter 03-09-2016 02:33 PM

i have a fw that i inherited. my grmother raised me, sewed my playclothes on this machine. it's straight stitch only of course, so after my son was born i bought a new machine. i need zz for his sweatshirts and other clothing styles i was making for him. i will never part w my fw, i carry it to my quilt group meets. i don't sew clothes anymore, i also don't do home dec stuff anymore, but before i had a modern machine my fw did draperies (even pinch pleats), upholstery, my clothes etc. i do use a few zz stitches, so my current 90's pfaff is a keeper. love my computer and ipad ..i'm very modern & techy according to my friends, but my sewing machine needs no bells and whistles. i could easily go back to just my fw for gen'l sewing again. it's handy, lightweight& i know from years of experience that it can handle about any project i want to do ..and it was grammas. it's a keeper.

Weezy Rider 03-09-2016 03:18 PM

I hated my mother's Featherweight. I would have gladly taken a sledge hammer to it. Today, I still won't use or buy one.

I'd rather have the old mechanical hot pink Riccar.

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