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MostlyMaja 03-06-2011 09:44 AM

Is it possible, and if so how, do you hand quilt a king sized quilt without a frame? Do you just baste it with the pins and use a hoop? Thanks for any help.

ckcowl 03-06-2011 09:51 AM

yes, many people quilt with a hoop on their lap instead of a frame. if you do a search for hand quilting with a hoop you will find many many tutorials showing you how.

dakotamaid 03-06-2011 09:52 AM

I have hand quilted without a hoop or frame. I pin or baste very well. Than I start quilting in the middle and move outward. I use my underneath hand to constantly smooth the backing as I go. Although with good basting or pining you shouldn't have a problem with tucks on the back. The weight of the quilt is often on a tv tray or pillows. It is fun to do in the winter as it can be warm!:):)

coralee 03-06-2011 10:17 AM

I have a card table I removed the top from..I have two pieces of pvc pipe that are longer than the front two legs slipped over the back two legs so it tilts forward ..after pinning or basting I secure the quilt starting from the middle by clips bought from the hardwear store, if you use a scrap piece of material under the clips it works very well not to damage the material, I have checked into building a REAL quilt frame...the plans cost me @10.00 the materials would cost @300.00 and I have to do the woodwork myself to have it built would be @200.00 additional, I love my upcycle

Borntohandquilt 03-06-2011 10:52 AM

Yes, you can do it. I quilt all my quilts in a 18" hoop on a floor stand and for me it works fine. I baste the layers with basting thread, not with pins. I hate it when the quilting thread tangles around the pins!

jayelee 03-06-2011 02:12 PM

One of the girls in my quilt group handquilts everything and every size She is amazing all she uses is a hoop and sheuses a basteing gun.

Sweeterthanwine 03-06-2011 02:22 PM

What little hand quilting I've done, I used a hoop. I put the quilt on my dining room table so I have lots of room and quilt away. Haven't tried using my lap yet.

ann clare 03-06-2011 02:26 PM

I too quilt without a hoop or frame. Have been doing so for years. Love the weight of the quilt on my knees. I pin most of my quilts and I start at the center and work out.

dynalady 03-06-2011 09:24 PM

I pin baste and hand quilt without a frame or hoop. I tried using a hoop but it was such a pain to keep moving it that I just tried without it and like it much better.

javin22 03-06-2011 09:29 PM

I did it with a large hoop. I pined it first and then sat on the couch and watch TV and quilted my king size leaf quilt. I can tell you it was rather difficult to go around the maple leaf with that big quilt. It took quilt a long time to finish it.

Rose L 03-06-2011 09:35 PM

I've always hand quilted with a wooden frame and just rest one side of it on my knee so the hoop will tilt towards me. I baste with a tack gun, so easy! I clip the tacks once I finish the section I'm working on. I too start in the center and work my way out and then around the center. I've never sewn in a wrinkle.

jbud2 03-07-2011 05:57 AM

Ok, I'm hoopless also. We were in a museum in Lancaster, PA, and the ladies, in period dress, were quilting without a hoop or frame. They said they have always done it that way, and that women in the past have also quilted without a frame or hoop. I like that if I want to quilt, I don't have a lot to take with me to make it a real portable craft.

ssgramma 03-07-2011 06:02 AM

No hoop here either. I just fold the quilt to a manageable lap size and get busy.

vjengels 03-07-2011 06:04 AM

I baste then don't use a frame. I like the look of an occasional wrinkle in the back.

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