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Barb V 01-31-2007 04:39 PM

Hello there,

I purchased a new Kenmore Elite Model 385 a year ago. I like the features on the machine, if I knew how to use them. The store where I purchased it has no sewing instructors to give you some hints. I would like to try my hand on machine quilting, I have the walking feet, etc. just don't understand the stiching change, and if and how I do that. Does anyone out there have the same machine, that can give me and instructions/ hints on how to use it.

Suz 01-31-2007 06:41 PM

The walking foot is used to do straight-line quilting or sewing. The feed dogs push the fabric along from the bottom and the walking foot pushes along from the top for an even feed. The only adjustment to my machine is to reduce the pressure on the foot as you are working with a bit more bulk than regular sewing.
If you want to do free-motion quilting, you will need to find an open-toe foot. Perhaps it is a clear plastic shaped like a dish. Check your extra feet and see if you have one of these. Your instruction book should give you the names of your extra feet. Or you may need to purchase one.
Let us know what you find and then I'll/we'll take you the next step. Suzanne

bbwalkup 02-01-2007 11:26 AM

I have two Kenmore sewing machine and a Kenmore surger which I absolutly love!! I'm not at home to know which model numbers I have, but I tried to do a quick search to see if I could see that front panel, just to see how close it is to mine, I'm not having much luck. Do you still have your manual?? What I could see of it online, it looks to be computerized, is it? I wish I could be help, but I'm not too sure what you have there...can you maybe post a picture? Sorry

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