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Missi 06-09-2021 07:45 AM

Laura Heine Collage
Hi all -

I'm taking a Laura Heine class next week at KCRQF - so excited. Instructor wants steam-a-seam2 regular, not lite. I have a friend who has done a few of her patterns and likes the lite over the regular. Says the regular made it pretty stiff.

I went to Laura's website and all she sells is the lite. I emailed the instructor asking about the lite vs. regular and the answer I get is you will definitely need the steam-a-seam2. I know I need steam-a-seam2 cause it's double sticky without fusing.

There were some threads here about Laura's patterns and the discussion was more about needing the double stick rather than the weight of the fusible. Thoughts anyone? I have the lite at home, and am having issues finding the regular at any of the LQS, and if the lite will work, I hate buying the regular for fear that I won't like it and have $25 spent on fusible I won't use.

thanks all!!!!!

Three Dog Night 06-09-2021 08:07 AM

I haven't done a Laure Heine pattern but have done McKenna Ryan appliques before. I started using the regular steam-a-seam but after 1st panel and learning about the lite I switched. I had no problem with the lite and it does make a difference in how stiff your quilt is.

TheMerkleFamily 06-09-2021 10:07 AM

I've done a few collage quilts using both and they both work but I much prefer the LITE because it's not as stiff and it is easier to sew through (less gunk on the needle). Perhaps the final use of the collage quilt might come into play but I will always use LITE from now on.

Tartan 06-09-2021 11:34 AM

If you plan on quilting it, I think the lite would be better. I would buy both for the class just to be safe.

cashs_mom 06-09-2021 12:56 PM

I took a Laura Heine class several years ago from Laura. We used Steam-A-Seam Lite. You end up with several layers of fabrics and using the lite made it a bit less stiff. You might question the instructor about this or you could just use the lite. Its your project.

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