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PatriceJ 08-19-2007 02:16 AM

I'll be in the chat room at 2:00pm Eastern Time

I don't have any particular topic in mind. If anybody has suggestions, post them here.

PatriceJ 08-19-2007 05:05 AM

If you have any computer questions, drop by. Sometimes I can help.

Country Quilter 08-19-2007 05:12 AM

Well, I am going to try to be there Patrice! I've missed all the sessions so far... my problem is I get busy and forget! LOL But today I just plan to be working on my sisters fall wallhanging...I just got my zucchini bread in the oven so that will be out of the way by that time which I believe will be 1:00 my time?? I'm central....


mimisharon 08-19-2007 05:53 AM

I'm headed to Hancocks at 1 but I'll try to drop in when I get back. The thing with me and a fabric store.........I like to touch everything in the place. :shock:

Glad you decided to take on a chat! :D I did NOT twist your arm, put the pressure on you, or put you on the spot for this one.

You CAN do me a favor and ask if there is an evening that would be good for the most folks, thinking of adding an evening to my list as hostess. OK? No biggie, I can do it tomorrow morning but I think you'll get the crowd to get the best polling results... :wink:

PatriceJ 08-19-2007 07:58 AM

well i'm about to FINALLY install a wireless network in my house so i can use my computer and connect to the internet from any room. i'll role it down the hall to my dining room, where i've got my sewing set up.

i can't wait to see how many more mistakes i make when i'm trying to sew patches together and e-chat at the same time. :shock:

Boo 08-19-2007 08:47 AM

LMAO, Patrice! I may just show up to see you do that! My idea of multi-tasking is typing and reading while drinking coffee. I have to sit to chew gum! :lol:

I'm still looking for folks to host chat, so PM me if anyone interested. :D

PatriceJ 08-19-2007 09:45 AM

Yeah ... I'm kinda wonderin' how that's gonna work myself. LOL

It'll probably take me until the chat is over to rearrange everything so i can move back and forth efficiently. It took me 40 minutes of fiddling with this and that to get the network installed on the primary computer, then to try but give up trying to install a wireless keyboard and mouse on this one, THEN connect the old stuff so i could install the wireless adapter.

You should see the pile of boxes and patches around me.

Wait. No you shouldn't! How embarrassing that would be! :shock: :lol:

Boo 08-19-2007 09:50 AM

Prolly like the back of my entertainment center. :lol: Well without all the dog and cat hair, not to mention the pet dust bunnies. :lol:

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