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oreoflurrie 10-12-2011 04:33 PM

I have made about 30 quilts now, and have only done machine quilting on about 3. I started out tying them, then sent one out to a LAQ. That was quite expensive, so I wasn't going to do that anymore. Then my quilting class went to a LQS for a demonstration on their LAQ rentals. I've done about 5 or 6 that way. But I'm so scared to put my beautiful quilts on my machine to do the quilting at home. So many hours of hard work, I'm so afraid I'll ruin them. Anyone else have the same phobia?

Cyn 10-12-2011 04:36 PM

Yes and so I end up handquilting mine!

Dolphyngyrl 10-12-2011 04:36 PM

I'm not scared. I just hate that it takes lots of practice and is not something you can just excell at in a few days

no1jan 10-12-2011 04:38 PM

Yes, you sound like Deja Vu.

I am going to make samples so I can quilt on for practice. That is the only way I will get over my phobia.

katier825 10-12-2011 04:46 PM

Start with some practice sandwiches, then progress to smaller things, like placemats, table runners, charity quilts, and when you gain more confidence, quilt the ones you like best.

You'll never know how good you might be at quilting if you don't try! Who knows, you could be really awesome at it and never know otherwise! :)

hopetoquilt 10-12-2011 04:50 PM

I bought some stencils I plan to use. I am not good enough to do "freehand" FMQ but I think stencils might work. I have been using a walking foot to do a grid and have done some stippling.

Quilting is my hobby. If it comes out terribly, I had fun doing it and can toss it or use it on a soccer field.

thepolyparrot 10-12-2011 04:58 PM

4 Attachment(s)
I bought some quilt tops on eBay - mostly vintage but also several new tops. The quality of the fabric is not great, but it's a pretty design when it's done.

Applied to a quality backing fabric with a good batt and enough quilting, the tops should hold together relatively well.

These gave me the chance to learn on relatively inexpensive quilts that I hadn't spent 40-80 hours piecing and the results are actually pretty nice, especially when you consider how little I spent on them and how inexperienced I was at drawing with a sewing machine. :)

To be sent to QOV - this is very good quality fabric, made by a quilter who just didn't have time to quilt all her projects.

Assembly-line pieced - some of the fabric is very good - the solid white was extremely difficult to quilt because it was so tightly woven - I think it was a percale of some kind.

Assembly-line pieced - most of the fabrics in this one were "medium" quality and a couple were as nice as Moda's. I got lucky and found some 108" wide Moda backing fabric that coordinates just beautifully with the aqua and brick colors in the top. :)

dphelps 10-12-2011 04:58 PM

I agree. Start out small. I just finished a large quilt on the machine but, believe me, I practiced a lot. You really have to get the feel of the fabric and the machine before you can start to feel comfortable. Once you feel good about your new skills, it is all downhill from there. I advise watching you tube and reading all you can on FMQ, etc. All those tuts really help.You can do it. Take your time.

3incollege 10-12-2011 05:01 PM

I can manage the size of baby quilts, but thats all. Too afraid.

Painiacs 10-12-2011 05:06 PM

Oh I agree! I'm right there! I've done 1-2 SID and 1-2 crosshatch so far. Scared to try fmq!!!

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