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lindaschipper 05-22-2015 12:15 PM

Made the wrong size quilt!!
Hello everyone. I need some pointers from the experts out there. My daughter wanted a new bright quilt for her queen bed, so I labored with it for months, ripping out several times and changing patterns. Finally FMQ it on my Janome. Final size turned out to be 89x82.....seems more like a double bed quilt to me. I'm sure it will be too small for her bed.
When you make a queen quilt what size do you make it?
And what stitch length do you FMQ with??
I'm sure she will be as disappointed as I am.

bearisgray 05-22-2015 12:20 PM

Many people put quilts on their beds as "toppers" instead of down-to-the floor coverings.

In fact, I don't like a down-to-the=floor covering - it weighs a ton and is very uncomfortable to me.

ManiacQuilter2 05-22-2015 12:21 PM

I use to make them about 90"x108" but with the various thickness of the mattress now a days, I would go and take measurements.

Tartan 05-22-2015 12:35 PM

It might be big enough if she has a bed skirt.

Dina 05-22-2015 12:35 PM

I just googled queen size quilt dimensions and got two sizes....86 x 93 and 102 x 112. One is for a "short drop" and the other for a "long drop." Your size is close to the short drop. Maybe it will work okay? I hope so.

That being said, you could always add another border, tricky as that might be right now, it is do-able.


Dolphyngyrl 05-22-2015 12:45 PM

I would just add borders, should not be to terribly difficult to

KalamaQuilts 05-22-2015 01:48 PM

we were late to the queen bed party, so when we finally got one, I had a dozen or more double quilts that just didn't cut it anymore. I took a flat sheet, ripped it into 5 sections and stitched it to the bottom for a new tuck area. Works great, although not what you'd want for a gift. But on the other hand if you did it cleverly like a pretty runner of some kind...and planned it so the long length of the quilt now goes side to side for a little more (Y) cover... I'll bet you have plenty of fabric left to do this. Do it before you gift it and she will think you are the most clever mom in the world.

PaperPrincess 05-22-2015 02:12 PM

re your fmq question. You don't set your stitch length when you fmq. How you move your fabric determines the length of your stitches because most folks fmq with the feed dogs down. Check your machine manual to see if there is a darning or quilting setting. if you are sitd, I usually set the length to 3.0

Nammie to 7 05-22-2015 02:38 PM

After purchasing a new bed none of my quilts fit. I solved the problem by putting a neutral bedspread between the mattress and box spring. It hangs to the floor. I then placed a lace topper over that, put the mattress on. Now the quilts look just fine - they only have to cover the mattress depth. Works for me!

mike'sgirl 05-23-2015 05:06 AM

Nammie to 7, I bet that looks so pretty.

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