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Kyiav10 04-21-2008 03:44 PM


30’s Fat Quarter’s

For this swap we will be swapping 30’s fat quarter’s. A fat quarter is approx 18” X 22”. It is one yard divided into fourths. Cut in half and that cut in half selvage to cut.

For this swap you can swap a maximum of four fat quarter’s. All must be different. One fat quarter will be one set. So the most one person can do is four sets. (If we have a lot of people swapping this number could be upped…but since this is the first swap we don’t want to get the same fabrics back b/c we don’t have very many swappers. Clear as mud??)

Please follow these instructions:

1. One fat quarter is approx 18” X 22” One fat quarter is one set. Please no duplicate fabrics in the different sets. Please make sure the fabric is of good quality. You want to give what you receive.

2. Fabric should be washed, dried and ironed. Please do not remove the selvage.

3. Label the right side of each fat quarter with your name and forum name so the receiver knows who it is from. Put these in a bag and then into a Flat Rate Envelope (FRE) to send to me.

4. The postage for an FRE is $4.60 and should fit four sets (4 fat quarters) with no problem. In the FRE you will put return address label for me to send to you along with return postage. Please make sure it is in stamp form. They have one stamp that it $4.60 at the Post Office. What it costs to send is how much it will cost to receive.

5. The sets should be received to me by May 31st and will be swapped out and mailed the first week of June.

6. If you would like to join the swap please PM me with your name, address, and email address and the number of sets you want to swap. I will then send you my name and address so you have it to mail the sets to me. When you send your fat quarter’s in the mail, send me a PM so I know to expect them on my doorstep.

In the 2nd post you will see a list of swappers and how many sets they signed up for. When the fat quarter’s are received the color will change to let you know that the quarter’s were received.

If anyone has any questions about this let me know.

I posted this here and in the classified section in case people dont see it.


Kyiav10 04-21-2008 03:44 PM

1. Kyiav10 4 sets

2. Lisa 4 sets

3. Skeat 4 sets

4. Missi 4 sets

5. Jaynie 4 sets

6. Blu 4 sets

7. Mamakane 4 sets

8. Judy Lee 4 sets

9. Rubymae ? sets


Kyiav10 04-22-2008 06:36 AM

How about it ladies and gents. It will be fun. Especially after it gets going a few months.


PatriceJ 04-22-2008 03:14 PM

i hope you get some players. i'm far too absentminded and unreliable, i'm afraid. i'd never make the deadlines.

just a suggestion ... when we've done swaps in the past, they were more informal. members would just post under the starting topic to say they'd like to play, then got in touch with each other by pm to exchange addresses. that way, no one person got stuck keeping track of everything.

you've volunteered to take on quite a task. even though i can't play, i do appreciate your generosity. :P

Kyiav10 04-22-2008 06:52 PM


Thank you. It really isn't that tough. I set the date pretty far in advance to give everyone time to get their fabric.

I am actually excited about it, but so far it does not look like anyone else is.

I did it this way so everyone who submits fabric gets it. That way no one loses out if someone forgets to send theirs or just doesn't.

Thanks again. Kyia

ButtercreamCakeArtist 04-23-2008 05:37 PM

I don't know, but maybe why nobody is jumping in is that they would be paying postage of $4.60 twice. I'll PM you some more on this.

signitwright 04-24-2008 12:57 PM

I want to swap fqs. Let me know if there is any room left for me to join. :D :D Pam W.

Elizabeth A. 04-24-2008 01:29 PM

Strange you don't have anyone yet. When I wanted to do solids in another post someone pm'd me... Bebe (maybe? I'm sure sure I deleted it) said wanted to be a part and then said never mind she wanted to be in yours instead. You might look at some of the other places you talked about this swap, because I remember she was the one asking if you would make it fat 1/8's instead of fat quarters.

Personally I looked over the 1930's fabrics at some of the stores I like to shop at and I only found one or maybe two fabrics that I liked... Yes, I know it's not in the spirit of a swap, that's why I was planning on doing it later with it's a different "subject". The $4.80 both ways didn't really bother me, because I've seen the wonderful piles you get for being part of a swap. And I'd rather have more fabric than less even if that means I have to buy more to share and pay more to ship it.

With all the swap talk when no one acted interested in my solids and marbled solids (Bali and Batik) I signed up for a Fabric of the month club (well DH did it for me). If only because I seriously have nothing and therefore if I don't have anything on hand I have to buy it every time I want to work on something.

There was a lot of talk of swapping lower quality fabrics like Joann's and Walmart and I tried to address that to, but still not even a nibble. The only other suggestion was a charmed swap, but I've got so many 3 1/2" squares right now I don't want to get my stuff for my current project mixed up with swap stuff, so I thought it was better to wait on that.

Lisa 04-24-2008 03:41 PM


Hey, I would be interested in the swap, I'm really into the 30's retro fabric right now. I have probably over 100 fq's that I am currently working on for a quilt. I'm getting thrown off by the term "sets" If I understand correctly, 1 fat quarter is one set? So a total of 4 fq's traded for 4 other fq's right? (sorry, sometimes you gotta spell it out for me!!!) :D , let me know what, when and how ok?

Kyiav10 04-24-2008 04:15 PM

Lisa, you are absolutely right. Four traded for four. You send me four sets and I will send you four back. PM me with your address and how many sets you would like to be in for. If we get a lot of swappers we can up the amount of sets. When you PM me with the number I will send you my address to send them back to. If you have anymore ?? let me know.


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