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Chasing Hawk 07-15-2022 04:35 PM

Need some help with my Brother SQ-9000
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As you can see from the photos the needle is not in the correct spot. It needs to go forward a touch. Exactly how do I make this adjustment. The timing is not out of whack since I had been sewing all day with it. And the stitches are fine. I was cleaning the machine, dust bunnies and such out of the bobbin area and noticed a scraping sound when I turn the hand-wheel to turn the bobbin area.

Right now the machine is open I can get to all the parts. I just need to know where and how to move the needle forward.

quiltedsunshine 07-15-2022 05:14 PM

Some Brothers have a hole in the back of the machine, behind the needle bar. You'll need a flashlight to see what kind of tool to use (screwdriver, torx or hex). Insert the tool and turn. Watch which direction the needle moves and turn accordingly.

Some Brothers don't have a metal frame, so the machine can actually twist and throw off the needle/hook distance. There are no adjustments on those particular machines. So, if it doesn't have the adjustment hole in the back, it's disposable.

Rhonda K 07-15-2022 05:17 PM

Take the needle out and replace with a new needle.

Even if you have just put in a new needle, change it. The needle could be bent.

I took the plates off my machine and you are right about the needle position. The needle should be forward a twitch.

Before adding a new needle, turn the machine on and off. Are you in a decorative stitch or zig-zag stitch?

Be sure the needle is seated all the way up into the shaft and then tighten. The needle may have slipped down.

After that, the machine may need a service check.

Good luck and please let us know what happens.

Chasing Hawk 07-15-2022 07:56 PM

Good advice, I will work on all the suggestions tomorrow. Thank you so much.

Chasing Hawk 07-17-2022 06:46 AM

Progress so far....

I did as Rhonda suggested, replaced the needle. Then I went onto Annette's suggestion and found the adjustment screw moved it and it worked!!
Now today I have to fine tune the tension as it is out of whack, lovely bird's nest on the underside of my test fabric. No big deal I know how to fix that.

Thank you all again for the suggestions, I knew there would be a solution found here.

Another good thing, hubby has suggested I start looking for a new machine and put the SQ-9000 as a back up.

Chasing Hawk 07-18-2022 07:57 AM

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Yesterday while readjusting the tension on my machine. I discovered this issue, I re-glued the little black felt thing and it didn't fix the birdnest underneath. So I took the bobbin case out of my Brother PE-770 placed it into the SQ-9000 and my stitches are fine and no birds nest.
I got on Amazon and found a replacement for $7.99.

Rhonda K 07-18-2022 04:09 PM

Great idea to change the bobbin case.

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