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sef0181 11-29-2019 08:32 AM

Newbie Pattern Designer looking for advice from a Seasoned Pattern Designer
Hello all!
I have just started making and selling Foundation Paper Piecing Patterns. I was getting excited about my very small success, when a quilt shop contacted me about designing a block for them to give away during a shop hop. I am looking for suggestions on what is considered a 'standard' charge for allowing the shop to give the pattern away for free (for 3 months).
It is just 1 quilt block.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Tartan 11-29-2019 09:25 AM

Hmmm, things to consider....beginner level or expert, size, research to see if already out there. You are looking at potential customers that may purchase your other patterns because once a design is out there, it will be copied. What is it worth to you to get no long term revenue from your creation?

KalamaQuilts 11-29-2019 12:23 PM

It will have your name and website sales place on it, so might bring in a few sales. Although I find most free stuff ends up in my round file eventually.

It might be nice to have the store's goodwill on the other hand, maybe they will stock your patterns in return?
Of if they get a lot of good feedback "wow, cute block!" you could become their 'regular designer', that would be something you could put on your website, or pattern if it came about.
Or give you a $20.00 gift certificate.

Iceblossom 11-29-2019 12:30 PM

I think it somewhat depends on how well known you are and how much you believe in advertising.

If the shop is going to market it as "a block specially designed by you" as an enticement, then they are using you for their advertising. If the people in your area don't know much about you, then getting your name on it as well is pretty good free advertising that you are getting from the shop.

I'd probably be willing to give away the block in return for the advertising/name recognition.

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