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janemc 06-27-2021 11:43 AM

Newbie Questions.
I am relatively new to the Quiltingboard and enjoying it very much , thank you. A couple of the ladies have been very helpful and we have been conversing by private messages due to a rather specialized shared interest. I have come across an issue.
I haven't been able to upload picture and as you know that is worth a thousand words. Also are videos attachable?
When I try to upload I get this error message.
vBulletin Message
Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.
If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.
I did inform the administrator but wondered if there are instructions on how it can be done.

janiebakes 06-27-2021 12:07 PM

I can think of no way to say this that does not sound unappreciative of the hard work the moderators do for us. The difficulty of posting pictures comes up every day. I know there are projects I would post about if posting the pictures were not so difficult. I could post photos before the last board update but now have no way of making the picture small enough. Sure would be nice if it could be made easier.

Iceblossom 06-27-2021 01:02 PM

From searching on "missing token" in the Help forum, I found this thread:

For the file size issue, I have that myself. I have an old school digital camera and although I have updated the software as much as I can, I have no easy way to decrease file size. Although the text says "5 MB" that is the total for each attachment. Try more for around 1 each.

I use this site -- I have no connection other than I use it because it is very quick, very easy and does not set off my browswer protection warnings:
Drag your image onto the box (from your camera or file manger), click on their defaults and download the image.

Come here, I choose the Go Advanced option (have not been able to get the paper clip to work for me but I think that is because of my browser protections) and upload the image -- remembering (which I still forget about half the time) to enlarge the window so you can see the Upload button to the far upper right.

OurWorkbench 06-27-2021 01:09 PM

Thank you, Iceblossom, I was just trying to find the site that you use. I use "Picture Manager" to reduce my pictures. It says 5MB, but the file size needs to be smaller than 2MB.

In addition to the link (which I also include a direct link to the pdf) my usual response is ==
We like pictures. In order to post pictures on Quilting Board, you will probably need to reduce or compress the picture to a file size that is smaller than 2MB. How to post images can be found at https://www.quiltingboard.com/attach...020-01-17-.pdf
Don't forget to scroll over to the far right to find and click on the "Upload" button.

I have found that only the big red "Reply" button or "Quote" work to give me the paper clip icon to work for adding pictures.

Some additional info regarding reducing images at post #4 and images for the scroll and upload button can be found at #5 of https://www.quiltingboard.com/main-f...d-t312607.html

Or simply - Make sure pictures are smaller than 2MB
Click on red "Reply" button
Click on the paper clip icon
Click browse - choose picture/s. (only 5 allowed per post)
Once they show up as being loaded, Scroll over to the right side and click on "Upload"
After the pictures show up as being attached, you can close that window and go back to the screen to finish posting your post.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.

bearisgray 06-27-2021 01:15 PM

That "Upload" button - that is to the very very very far right - one has to slide/glide over to find it - really threw me!

NJ Quilter 06-28-2021 05:14 AM

I don't believe you can include pictures in private messages. That may not be true but I seem to remember having that issue years ago. I ended up taking the conversation offline to be able to send pics to a specific individual. Otherwise the info you've been given re files sizes; uploading; etc. is good.

OurWorkbench 06-28-2021 05:31 AM

Originally Posted by janemc (Post 8493249)
... Also are videos attachable?...

You can link to a video as you did here. You can not attach videos in a post.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.

janemc 06-28-2021 09:38 AM

Thank you for the help
1 Attachment(s)
Let me try some of this and see if I have got it.
Attachment 634177
This is using the Reduce Images online and the paperclip icon on the tool bar.

Now for the video.
Foot pedal modified for hand control in action
I posted the video on my YouTube, made it available only to someone who has the link then using the link icon on the tool bar posted the link in the message.

Then I copied this message with image attached and link and sent it as a Private Message. It looked ok in preview but the proof will be if it transmits.

Iceblossom 06-28-2021 09:42 AM

Look at you go! I've never been able to figure out how to send images with private messages and have found some cumbersome workarounds.

To be honest, I did most of my testing with the previous board hosting site and haven't done much this time -- so it may be possible! Keep us posted!

rusty quilter 06-28-2021 12:42 PM

If you have an Apple computer, you can open your picture in "Preview" then go to the menu bar to "tools" then down to "adjust size" to make it smaller. Save it on your desktop, then upload it from there.

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