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charlottequilts 12-06-2014 06:44 PM

question for Juki owners
Hi -

I've looked everywhere online for this, to no avail, so I'm turning to the experts here.

I have a new 2010Q and want to sink it into a table top without buying a plexiglass insert. But if I lower the machine without the extension table, I will be missing that helper door in the extension table that allows a bigger entry to change the bobbin. I don't have tiny little hands and find the door in the extension table very helpful.

Has anyone recessed the machine AND the extension table? I'd be most grateful to hear. i have a Viking recessed into a table, but it has a drop-in bobbin. Am I missing an important idea here?


quiltedsunshine 12-06-2014 09:21 PM

Wow! I don't know how you'd do that with the side-loading bobbin. If your cabinet could raise and lower the machine easily, you could raise it up to change the bobbin, then drop it back down to sew. You'd still need the opening in the cabinet to fit around the machine. Maybe you just need a shorter desk? Or maybe the Fashion Cabinets of America model #299 sewing table. http://www.kenssewingcenter.com/fash...e-p-28999.html You get an insert with it, but you can still get your hand around underneath.

Path50 12-06-2014 09:47 PM

Yes, my husband did this with my Babylock Jane (basically the same machine).

toverly 12-07-2014 05:00 AM

We recessed the Juki, and not the extension table and it works fine. I love the stability. Just try to change the bobbin without lifting the little door and see if it works for you. The way the bobbin clicks into the bobbin case, makes it possible not to use the extra room. The only thing that had to be considered when placing the machine was setting the machine close enough for the knee lift to be attached.

Weezy Rider 12-07-2014 05:04 AM

Have a Brother 1500S recessed in a Koala cabinet. I took the door off. I use a Rocket Air Blaster to blow out the lint, so not having the door isn't a problem. Tight squeeze, but it's workable. I can attach the knee lift if I want it.

charlottequilts 12-07-2014 06:17 AM

Each of you has given me something to think about. Thanks. :). I am going to have adjustable legs on the table, so I think the first approach will be to lower the table, as QuiltedSunshine suggested. DH isn't an experienced woodworker, so he'd not be disappointed if I could manage to use the extension table.

Thanks for pointing out about the knee lift, Toverly. I've only sewn on the Juki a few times and didn't use it, so it was off the radar.

I won't be having a cabinet, but instead, a table top with adjustable legs underneath. I hate to have to cut such a big hole for the extension table as well as the machine if it can be done another way. I saw a huge embroidery machine running at JoAnn's, so I guess something else could fit that opening, but it doesn't live at my house. :)

I am grateful for any other thoughts as well.


toverly 12-07-2014 02:10 PM

The kneelift is addictive once you get used to it! Now that I think about it, you could have DH cut a rectangle the size of the little door in the table and use a block to fill the gap. Simply lifting out the piece to change the bobbin thread. I do lift mine out to clean. I have found that I don't need to lower the table once the machine itself was lowered down to table height.

katier825 12-07-2014 05:22 PM

I have mine recessed in a Gidget 2 table without the extension. When I feel I need more room to get my hand in there, I pop up the acrylic and slide it over a few inches. Mostly I only do that when I'm cleaning it out. What are you using for a table?

Jingle 12-08-2014 06:29 AM

I just have mine setting on top of a sewing machine cabinet. I have an acrylic extension table for it. I don't like the small space to insert the bobbin in, my Baby Lock Jane has that small opening too. Maybe my fingers are just too stiff.

Kimarene 12-08-2014 07:52 AM

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While I was away on a retreat last summer, my husband built a table for me with a shelf for the Juki (and extension table) to rest on so it would sit flush with the table surface. I can use my knee lift and get to the bobbin easily. Yay for custom furniture and a talented husband!

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