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seazteddy 04-16-2021 01:33 AM

Quilters anonymous
A group of woman are sitting a circle and a woman stands up and says I haven't bought any fabric in 6 days. LOL

grannie cheechee 04-16-2021 02:46 AM

I bet none of the other women could say that. The way some of us buy fabric could we really be hoarders? LOL

sandy l 04-16-2021 02:49 AM

Well, that sure wasn't me, as I just placed a order with MSQhttps://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/biggrin.png

Jingle 04-16-2021 10:08 AM

I also just bought some backing fabrics, gotta wash and dry them.

RedGarnet222 04-16-2021 03:04 PM

Nope not me either, I just bought three yards of some blenders and a couple new patterns. It isn't hoarding if you have something in mind when you buy it, right? Or try using your stash for a project in a snow storm weather and be without one of the key colors. Very frustrating. I like to buy for projects ahead.

oksewglad 04-16-2021 03:31 PM

LOL Our shop is in the midst of a Shop Hop.

Stitchnripper 04-17-2021 09:04 AM

Too funny. I am the one standing up!! Odd ball I know

juliasb 04-17-2021 10:08 AM

I have been there done that. I have been dry now for10 days.

greaterexp 04-17-2021 10:49 AM

I'm the curator of a fabric museum (aka "stash") and keep finding more to put in there. Oh, for self control!

oksewglad 04-17-2021 12:47 PM

Hello, my name is Gladie and I like fabric.

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