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nightquilter 09-15-2018 08:30 PM

Tee shirt quilts
I have made many tee shirt quilts over the last few years, so now I want to change things up a little. I am starting a tee shirt quilt using a drop shadow pattern I made, Hope this works, I am excited to get my fabrics on this one, it is a mans quilt so I am thinking black for shadow part, blue grunge,taupe and I found a fabric with some feathers that was kind of masculine, that had blues and taupe,tan and creams.The shirts are blues, tans, creams with black writing. Next I want to do a BQ2 using tee shirts, this one I am a little timid on, I love the BQ2 pattern.But I don't want it to be super busy. My thoughts were, it may be interesting and pleasing to the eye. The shirts are mostly white, red or gray.There is a odd ball or 2. I was thinking about using red and white( maybe a grunge white that has a little gray stroke) as my 2 fabrics.Not settled on fabric for this one yet, I kind of want a tone on tone red,still not sure. Without seeing this what do you all think? As I said I do want it to be pleasing to the eye.

Tartan 09-16-2018 05:52 AM

​There is a quilt using T shirts and the shadow effect on QB. It is one of my favourites. Wish I could remember who did it but it has been a couple of years.

Tartan 09-16-2018 07:15 AM

Found it! No wonder I didn’t remember, it was 2011. The yellow quilt is under the title. 2 T-shirt quilts..totally screwed up one.. and the picture was posted by watterside. If you put the title in the search box, you should be able to look at it.

feline fanatic 09-16-2018 09:38 AM

Here is one I did with the shadow box layout. I was really pleased with how it turned out.


nightquilter 09-16-2018 03:50 PM

Feline Fanatic,Love this, this is what I was thinking about.

sewnclog 09-17-2018 06:09 AM

I LOVE that shadow box affect. I wish I'd seen it before I just finished up one - yesterday - for my neighbor. But then you do awesome work.

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