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sewingitalltogether 03-18-2020 12:31 PM

What are you doing?
From reading posts and blogs about quilters, it seems a lot of us are "stay at homers". I definitely am. Tell me I have to stay home and not go anywhere for an unknown amount of time and I'm in heaven. I've been so happy this last week. Something is telling me, I'm home so get busy!! I've been in my sewing room every day for hours and hours. I've got a bucket of fancy fabrics that I've been saving. Printed out those hexagon blocks from Pintangle. And have 6 beautiful crazy quilt blocks ready for the hand embroidery. Yes, hand embroidery only. Yesterday I mixed up several colors of inks, dyes and paints to get just the right color pink to paint on a lace. It's gorgeous. i will post a picture of my blocks. Today I tea dyed some laces. And have a face mask almost sewn up. I need to look for elastic. Free pattern from http://gefiltequilt.blogspot.com
What are you doing with all this uninterrupted time?

grmamrtha1 03-18-2020 12:39 PM

my hubby and I just got back from having gone up to our camper just for the day to see how things fared over the winter........we're home now, and I'm ready for a nap........usually have no problem falling asleep for a nap but then won't be able to sleep tonight. So , I'll go downstairs to sew some more on my log cabin blocks.....been working on and off on those for months....so boring........but I'm determined to continue till it's finished.....have fun everybody and stay healthy!!!

Tartan 03-18-2020 12:52 PM

I was working on a wall hanging. Got bored with that and set it aside until tomorrow and got out a big puzzle. I will go back and forth between them this week.

Watson 03-18-2020 12:55 PM

I've begun tackling a feather border on a queen size quilt.
I think I've watched the video a dozen times to see how she does it and I've got 1/8th of the border done. It doesn't look as nice as the one in the video, but it will do.

I'm also making string blocks. Maybe I'll get down to the bottom of my string drawer before the end of all this.


Peckish 03-18-2020 02:41 PM

I work from home for an accounting firm, so no time off for me. I'm trying to be thankful and grateful that this is having such a small impact on my life so far, but all my friends are in their sewing & quilting rooms, gleefully throwing fabric in the air and making snow angels, so I feel a little bit whiny. :D
However, I am playing a little bit in the evenings with a scalloped flange binding, and so far I really like it!

hobbykat1955 03-18-2020 02:43 PM

Just finished 3 charity quilts for my SIL’s Church Group Prayer Quilts...Well stocked w/food and fabric!

BonnieJP 03-18-2020 02:46 PM

Members of my guild make small children's quilts to donate to Ronald McDonald House. I have pieced, quilted, and finished four. I have also been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles online, reading, and taking webinar classes on gardening topics.

SusieQOH 03-18-2020 03:00 PM

I started a new quilt for my baby granddaughter and it's almost finished! That wouldn't have happened so quickly otherwise.
I sewed and binge watched Boardwalk Empire. :) ( for the second time!)
I sewed it on my FW and had a ball.

tranum 03-18-2020 03:10 PM

I’ve cleaned some closets, organized my pantry & recipe files. Changed out a tv stand today so now we have one to donate. I told myself tomorrow I start on my sewing room and I have pictures from my parents house & a storeroom that needs my attention. Walked to library today, it’s locked but I returned a book in the outside collection box. It was nice to be outside. Watch Netflix with DH at night while doing embroidery work but that’s finished up now. I’ve got kid size quilts to cut out for church. I can bring my Featherweight to the kitchen table & see the tv so might sew there. I keep in touch with friends by phone. I am not bored !

Cam's gram 03-18-2020 03:20 PM

Today I finished the body of a quilt for my DGS#1 graduation as an RN. Need to cut the borders and attach them, make the back, and get the batting ready. Ordered the thread to quilt it yesterday. Also finished cutting the fabric for my next quilt. DH is happy I have something to entertain myself during this time. I like staying home too. The only thing I will really miss is seeing my great grandson. His father, my DGS#1 works at the hospital.

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