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PatriceJ 02-16-2008 11:41 PM

Originally Posted by wilma osmond
Hi :
Sorry this has nothing to do with your problem ,but I'm not sure where to go for new topics.
My problem: Iam doing a "Quilt as You Go " log cabin quilt,my question is how do you eliminate some of the bulk in the horizontal rows .In the vertical rows its not to bad ,but when you start to join the rows horizontally it gets really bulky at the vertical joins.I hope there is someone on here who understands what Iam doing and can offer some suggestions to maybe help with the problem.I would be so very greatful .I'm not happy with the results right now .It looks ok from the front but it is has a lot of bulk on the back. Thanks in advance Wilma

I caused the same problem for myself when putting together one of the quilts I'm working on right now. Are you, by any chance, sewing two layers of batting together as well as the two rows of blocks? I ended up having to do that because i had quilted two rows completely and trimmed the batting all the way back to the edges of the rows. I had to very carefully clip away the excess batting, getting as close as i could to the stitching without accidentally cutting it. that didn't get rid of the whole lump, but it made a big enough difference that i could keep going without picking out the quilting to flatten the batting and quilt again.

i should have quilted to within an inch or so of the edges, then attached the rows. then i should have trimmed away the overlapping batting, leaving only one layer, so when i filled in the missing quilting, i'd have had one nice, smooth layer.

there are so many different ways to quilt as we go. keep watching this topic. i'm sure you'll get many suggestions. at least one will be one that matches your specific situation and helps you find a solution.

wilma osmond 02-17-2008 05:04 AM

THanks That sounds like a plan will try this Wilma

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