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Rag Quilts Question

Rag Quilts Question

Old 01-05-2023, 07:47 PM
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Question Rag Quilts Question

I sewed several rag quilts a few years ago, 3 layers of flannel. I see a good number of quilters are using 2 layers of cotton with a smaller batting in the center. This sounds good to me, but are the seams once cut up as puffy as with the 3 layers. Pictures I have seen the seams once ragged look so full, just not sure how to do this so I am happy with the look of the quilt. I am very willing to take any and all advice anyone can give. Thank you
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My daughter made me some beautiful cushions made in this style, but not knowing better used poly as the batting, which was puffy. But I didn't really care for that, as the poly was a bit scratchy and collected any fluff floating around. Would love to make a quilt the normal way, but I think that cutting the edges would drive me nuts. Does anyone know if you can get a cutting die that also does the sides?

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I am by no means an expert at rag quilts, I've only made one hahaha! I only used 2 layers of flannel. I think if I did use batting, it would use Warm & Natural batting. I'll check back to see what answers you receive. I am sure they will be interesting! Always learning something new from this forum! Love it!
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Accuquilt does have a rag quilt cutting die.

I prefer the all-cotton batting between two layers of flannel but I have not tried the three layers of flannel so I might try that soon!
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I use thin batting if I use it. I cut the batting smaller then the squares of fabric so it won't show in the rags. Before I got the rag die I used spring opening scissors to snip. Heritage brand are the best rag snip scissors. Its so easy with the Accuquilt rag die. I sandwich the fabric, quilt as I want or make an X in the layers. I then cut the snips using the machine one block at a time. . I sew blocks together leaving about 1/4 inch from the solid to the snips. For fluffy rags homespun is best. If using flannel or fabric for batting I cut the same size as the block fabric so it will be part of the snips. I make a lot for donations quilts for older kids/teens.
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are you talking about batting cut the same size as the fabric squares and being in the seams that are clipped?
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Originally Posted by Quiltwoman44 View Post
are you talking about batting cut the same size as the fabric squares and being in the seams that are clipped?
If asking me, I don't use batting in the snips, only flannel or fabric. I cut batting smaller so it won't be in the snips.
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Rag quilts are so flexible about whether or not to use batting and fabric types. When I was teaching, my kids would each make a rag quilt. Some would use quilting fabric, some flannel and some fleece. You can put fabric on one side and flannel or fleece on the other. If I were using flannel & fleece, I wouldn't use batting because it would be hot and heavy. We always cut the batting smaller than the square so it wasn't part of the ragged edges but if batting snuck out of the seams, it didn't matter. Batting can be whatever you prefer - warm and natural, fleece, flannel, an old sheet or blanket - use what you want to get the weight you want.

I also recommend snips that spring back open. They are pricey but worth every penny!

Your seams will be nice and full after washing when using cotton fabric.
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I’ve done a lot of rag quilts, have one waiting to get snipped right now. Started with the batting in the middle, cut smaller, but switched to flannel after awhile. I like being able to cut everything the same size. Sometimes I use colors on the inside that coordinate with the front and back. I use the spring loaded snips, and wash and dry the quilt twice to reduce the lint that gets generated.
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I have made mine with 3 layers of flannel, sometimes with some corduroy for some of the outside squares to add texture. All 3 layers get snipped, and there's no need for batting, quilting an X, or cutting the inside square smaller.
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