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Remember when?

Old 04-23-2015, 04:24 AM
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I took a class from someone in England through Offiers wives club. We cout out carboard with scissors abd made templates. These was 1990 and there were no rotary cuters or sewing machines in England in those days. We sewed by hand.
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Old 04-23-2015, 06:01 AM
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I pretty much remember all that was said here..I loved the wringer machine..the clothes going into the rinse water and all that went with it..guess I liked playing in the water.my grandma..use to go to any place that was closing out and buy their ribbons they had by the yard..it took her years ..but she finally had two bushel basket of ribbon which she made into two twin size quilts..those tops stuck in my mind forever..they were what started me quilting..I just started sewing pieces together..and as we all know it grows from there..most people I know started sewing ..to make their kids and themself clothes..as the kids got bigger and wanted store bought..the quilting took over.
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I have 2 of the sad irons, I remember ironing with them when I was 9...my dad was a school bus driver, and he had to wear white shirts.. mom would heat them in the fireplace...I also remember the wringer washing machines, Momma would use the rinse water to mop the wood floors in the house...and we would use the rinse water to take a bath in the #3 washtub...I have two bottles that were used to sprinkle clothes to be ironed...the sprinkling tops are on old pepsi bottles.. and I also have some authentic lye soap, pants stretchers, wooden rub boards, and remember the bluing they would put in the rinse water for the white clothes?? I have a bottle of that also...all this is displayed in my laundry room...gets a lot of comments from friends and relatives...
I like to collect anything that reminds me of my childhood and I'm 72.......so some things go waaayyy back....
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I remember all of these. My Mom made her own dress patterns for us girls(all 6 of us).
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I remember most of the list. Dry irons, I was thrilled when they came out with steam irons. I had an old pop bottle with the sprinkler stopper to dampen everything before ironing, and the starch was a powder. I still have one of the wringer washers. Love to use it in the summer for towels and bedding and jeans. The only thing wrong, for the jeans is smashing the snap or breaking the buttons when going through the wringer . After the soapy wash was done I filled the washer with water for rinsing. Yes, I do have the rinse tub, but that is where all of the items went before going into the rinse. Then it all went onto the outside clothesline. I used the wash and rinse water for my flower beds as we were on restricted water use from the lack of rain one summer, several years ago. I also have the sad irons for doorstops. My hubby was an antique collector. For sewing, I took home ec and learned to sew on an electric machine then came home and sewed on my moms treadle machine. That was fun. I especially like that I don't have to cut with scissors now. If I did, I probably would not be making quilts. I do like the modern conveniences we have now.

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And I remember, too, when fabrics came in different widths. We'd choose the fabric and then have to look on the pattern to see how many yards we needed of 36" fabric, or 45" or 54".
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We had all of the above. Some of my skirts came from chicken/hog feed bags and some of them were very pretty prints. Mom ordered fabric from Sears catalog for our clothes. We didn't have a bought dress until we got to high school. The one and only scrappy quilt mom made on her treadle machine from all the scraps from our clothes I have in my possession. It is full size and fits my full size bed nicely. We lived in the country where there were no fabric shops, etc. I also have the sprinkler bottle, doctor pepper and the top that mom used way back when. We learned to iron on pillow cases and hankerchiefs. Only had a dry iron. The old flat irons would leave soot on white shirts if you were not very careful. Caught my arm a couple of times in the wringer of the washing machine. Had to fold the shirts/blouses with the buttons on the inside to keep them from popping off while going through the wringer. Don't care to go back to those days. I like the modern way of today.
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A dry iron, for those looking for one.
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Remember when..........oh yes I do I was a young girl at the time but I remember all of those things love the good old days but love the new modern conviences.
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Originally Posted by DresiArnaz View Post
I still cut templates out of cardboard.

Because I'm cheap like that.

I use a dry iron with a spray bottle of water. Too cheap to replace my steam iron that started vomiting rusty water. (shudders)

But I only use scissors anymore for odd shapes.
I spend a lot on fabrics, rulers, notions but hate steam irons. I have two of them and a nice bottle of water. Go figure...
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