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Warning! Don't EVER give or donate ANYTHING EVER! lol >

Warning! Don't EVER give or donate ANYTHING EVER! lol

Warning! Don't EVER give or donate ANYTHING EVER! lol

Old 09-02-2014, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JanieH View Post
We also have an agreement that we don't give away anything we got from each other unless we check back to the original giver in case they had a change of mind!
That is a great idea.
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Old 09-02-2014, 07:48 AM
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If I want to get rid of fabric, I give it to the guilds I belong to or to my sister. In return, I get things like sewing machine mats, pot holders, microwave bowl holders, tissue holders, etc., that I then gift to other people.

I went through a similar phase a few years ago, then found out it wasn't a phase -- I have a thyroid condition called "Graves Disease", which is an auto-immune disease where the thyroid speeds up. I didn't have any energy or desire to do anything. I would drag myself through my workday, then go home and sit in the recliner. I finally got tired of being tired all the time and went to the doctor. The thyroid was the first test he ran, and he sent me to an endocrinologist. Since then, I've been on several medications, then had radioactive iodine therapy. I now take supplemental thyroid hormones and am back to "normal." If your slump last longer than a month or so, please get yourself checked out. Mine lasted for almost a year, and I was miserable. My solution wasn't simple and it took 4 years to straighten everything out, but I'm now sewing, crafting and spending time with friends and family, where before I was just a bump on a log.

Even if your problem is a vitamin deficiency, your doctor can do blood tests and tell you exactly what you need.

Originally Posted by maryellen2u View Post
Right now I am in a real slump. I wish someone would come in and take ALL my stuff away. I feel like I never want to look at it or even think about the thousands of projects I intend to do. All this stuff becomes a burden at some point. I just want it purged!

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You could always ask her if you could "borrow" a book back because there's a pattern you would like to have.

Originally Posted by Mary73162 View Post
Having a granddaughter that makes quilts, I thought giving her a few of my books would smooth our relationship....NOT Now I wonder? Will it "hurt" the "relationship" that isn't there, if I ask for them back......of course, I won't , but..........will be keeping things from now on---or sharing with friends.
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This is so funny. Just this week I said I have just too many books in my library and need to thin them out. I started but have already gone back to a couple books that I had in the pile to get rid of. I guess I better go through the pile a few more times before I actually get rid of them.
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Old 09-02-2014, 03:04 PM
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I purged about one third of my stash this summer...stuff I got so tired of looking at. I'm sure it's found a good home. I gave it to a local guild
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Lol!!! I enjoy giving away. It helps those who need supplies and then I have room to buy more.
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I've been so fortunate to have a wonderful hubby who's always told me . . . "It doesn't eat, nor drink - so keep it as long as you want". We're now looking at a move 500 miles away and after 30 years in the same home I've got tons of non-eating and drinking stuff and he's already said, don't worry about trying to get rid of things, because it's something you love doing. Wow, what a man!!!
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I had several boxes of craft stuff that hadn't been touched since moving to Texas in 1989. Back then I used to do a lot of counted cross-stitch and plastic canvas stuff. I donated 4 large boxes of craft things to a girl scout troop and several boxes of cross-stitch books, cross-stitch fabrics etc to another group.

About the only thing I wished I had kept were several pieces of the plastic canvas to use in the bottom of tote bags. Of course that stuff is cheap enough, so I don't mind if I end up buying a few more pieces. The only "craft" activity I do is quilt, and I'm happy to have purged all of the craft stuff that hadn't been touched in eons.
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Oh how often have I done that and quite often with non-related craft items.

I did a big clean out of my plastics cupboard - you know lids with no bottoms and bottoms with no lids. I did this about a month ago and only last week I was needing to use up some old plastic containers for water for animals.

I agree "stop before you throw as you never know'.
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Hey now, do we look like we need any more enablers around here?!!!
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