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Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning. >

Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning.

Well, it won't be done for Christmas morning.

Old 12-12-2016, 10:45 AM
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Check with a neighborhood or local DDS, I am sure they would sell you a box or a partial box of disposable face masks or even just give you a few. And maybe inquire about some disposable gloves too (just to have on hand). I use disposable gloves when i need to roll or mix meat as in meatloaf or meat balls or roll cookie dough or cut hot peppers.
I have had those days too where the window must have been open and knowledge and skills flew out.
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Old 12-12-2016, 11:42 AM
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For glue basting, I lay out the backing, wrong side up, (on top of a thick plastic sheet I bought at Walmart by the yard) I bought a gallon of Elmers school glue, so I transfer some to a picnic mustard bottle to make squeezing easier. I swirl glue all over trying to keep my lines around five inches apart. Carefully lay the center of the batting over the top and smooth. I again swirl glue on the batting, keeping my lines near five inches apart. I lay the top right side up and smooth. Leave in place to dry. Once it is dry (about 24 hours for safety) I can then slide it around to glue baste the sections that were not glued the first time. I have found this to be the easiest way to glue baste since I do not move the quilt while wet, I do not get puckers or tucks on the backing. DH calls the nights the table is drying a quilt, "serve yourself nights" and we eat on TV trays. My dining room table is 53" square so I can glue baste all but the largest of quilts in one pass. I did try spray basting, but the overspray mess was more than I want to clean up.

*(Just a quick note, before I start to glue baste, I find the center of the backing, batting, and top. On the backing I put a safety pin in the wrong side of the backing, one on the right side of batting, and one on the front of the top, so I can center each one as I stack them removing the safety pins as I go.)

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I have used the spray indoors but found I had to ventilate it very well. Thanks for showing us your quilt show, your wonderful creations! Wow,, are you ever creative. I could never do such a wonderful job as you. I hope you are able to solve your dilemma and make the quilt turn out the way you wanted it to--even if it is later than you wanted it to be. I agree that I wouldn't even try to mail it now. That would be the one quilt to not make it through the crowded PO. Just wait until the mail slows down. The quilt will be much loved whenever it arrives. Hope your Christmas is a lovely one.
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Old 12-13-2016, 05:50 AM
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So sorry that you are having so many problems with the quilt. Sometimes it just happens. I made a couple doll quilts for my DGD, one small enough to go with the bedding I made for a wooden cradle that she's getting for Christmas. Those went fine, however, in my infinite wisdom??? i decided to make doll clothes for her American Girl doll that we gave her last year, and the entire process has been one of total frustration - missing pattern pieces, missing cut out pieces, I'm sure the sewing Gremlin had something to do with that. However the doll clothes come out, as long as they are finished, I'm sure that my DGD will be happy with them,as she loves everything I make for her. In fact, last Sat. we babysat her so her parents could go celebrate their anniversary and she asked me if I had an Easter hair band that she could give to her friend. Thankfully, I had made far too many head bands for the Fair in Nov., so I let her pick one. That was a special request, but then she's a very special little girl. Hang in there, I'm sure you daughter will be happy whenever the quilt arrives.
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Old 12-13-2016, 06:10 AM
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Hi Jan, I am not experienced enough to give you any recommendations or advice but I will encourage you to never give up. You are an excellent quilter and I've seen your quilts. I wouldn't rush and just take my time. Sometimes if you put a project aside and then go back to it, you're refreshed. Also, I don't see the quilt posted either. I would definitely have that spiked egg nog!
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Old 12-13-2016, 06:37 AM
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I glue basted for years with no trouble at all. I even put a tutorial up on this site. I thinned my glue a bit and used a larger bottle similar to picnic condiment bottles. I would do one side and flip it over and do the other side. I even did 120 x 120 quilts this way until I bought my long arm. Never had any trouble with sewing the quilt, the washable glue would wash out when I washed the quilt and loved the results. I was fortunate to have a ping pong table to do this on, but it wasn't very sturdy anymore and used the money to replace it to help invest in the LA. Best of luck with what ever you decide to do.
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Jan, I use 505 for all my quilts and love it. If I was doing it in the living area, I would lay newspaper down to catch the overspray, but I do it on a ping pong table in the basement. I use boards that are the width of the quilt and do half at a time: first tape backing, then smooth batting.........rolling it half way up the backing and spray, unroll. Repeat on the other half. Do the same for the top. A regular member, sorry I don't remember who, said she starches her backing like cardboard to reduce wrinkles. If you have a smaller space, you may have to starch and then re-baste, but since Christmas is no longer a deadline..............take your time and don't kill your hands.
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I do basting a lot like Sewnoma and Madame Kelly.
I have found I like it better if I put the glue onto the batt. Then after I have the back lined up, I use my iron and press most of it. It doesn't matter if I miss a few spots, but pressing holds everything in place right now.
Then I can turn it over and put the glue on the batt again, add the top and press. Then it can set for a while or be quilted right away. If the glue has been pressed, it's probably dry enough.

I try to do this process on the large banquet tables at church or at the library. That way I can pin the centers of all three layers right away, lift up one end, glue about a third of the way down, flip down, smooth and iron. Then lift up that end again as far as it has been done and continue on the next third.
When that half is done, I have to turn the whole thing around so that the un-done part is facing me. I have my iron plugged into the outlet near the kitchen serving windows, so that makes it closer for me.
Now I can flip the entire sandwich over and start the other side. I can get this done on a king size quilt in less than an hour. It's the ironing that takes more time.
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Originally Posted by canuckninepatch View Post
This is my "sweet spot" for spray basting......it works so well for me. I have a design wall that is bolted to my wall, it's just a 24 frame that has a BIG piece of batting staplegunned to it. I first of all spread the batting onto the design wall, making sure I smooth out all the wrinkles. Then I take flat king size sheet and spread it out in the backyard (don't be a woose, I did this yesterday and the temp.was about the same.) I then lay out the backing, wrong side up...don't worry about how perfectly it is laying.....spray the whole backing, then fold it in four, sticky side in. Go back to your design wall, smooth the backing into the batting, getting all the wrinkles out. Then you can take it down, press this with your iron, if you wish, to help the glue to set a bit more. Now flip it over, so the batting is towards you and put it back onto your design wall. Smooth out. Now take your quilt top outside (can be right outside your door.....it takes about a minute.) Lay it out, wrong side up...doesn't have to be perfect. Now spray this, fold it in quarters, sticky side in, and get back in where it's warm! Now you can put this up on your design wall, smoothing it out so that it's nice and flat. Again, press so that it adheres a little better if you wish. You can put some pins around the periphery of your quilt if you wish...I usually do....but it is a totally painless, easy, and effective way of spray basting a quilt. Jan from Ontario
This sounds like a way I want to try. Thanks for posting it!
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PaperPrincess, I feel your pain and disappointment. I agree with the suggestion that you wait until after the first of the year before shipping the quilt. Perhaps you could put it away for a few days, at least until your hands are less sore.

I don't know how large the quilt is, but I have invested in two long maple boards (7 foot = 84 inches). Sharon Schamber's technique for sandwiching the layers works for me. I've had success with spray basting sections or simply using the large "Z" tailor's basting stitch with a single strand of cotton floss. You might be able to accomplish the same thing using the pool noodle or cardboard tube from a roll of batting.

It's too bad that we don't live closer together, as I'd enjoy basting your quilting. There is something about the Z baste that puts me in a relaxed mood. My fingers seem to have less strain. Do you have a buddy who can help? Take care
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