Ok you asked for it so here it is, my second quilt, after my "puff" quilt!
This time I decided to get a book and a pattern, found a simplicity pattern book with a 8 hour star quilt on the cover. ah just the thing, did'nt think I would ever work with those little pieces again. Got the 3 fabrics needed,cut out all the pieces. 24 pieces in all! Pattern was one 60 inch star block, with 15 inch units., and with borders to make a 80 inch or so quilt top. Oh my gosh that worked out so great, I dashed back to the fabric shop to get more of the same fabrics to make another one, ( made 2 for the folks moter home mirror quilts), made the second top, layed them both out on a back and batt , sewied all around the edges and turned it inside out, and tied bit of crochet cotten every 4 or five inches. Gave them both to my parents, and felt so good, I dashed off to the fabric store to get more fabric to make a quilt for hubby and me! Only this time I cut the pieces bigger!! I think these units, were 20 inchs, either a square or two tringle square! Remember I only had 24 total pieces, 8 which were squares, the other 8 units were 2 tringle units. These 16 units make the top, 80 inch star, now add border and I had a quilt that covered our bed! it too was tied, a turned quilt , no binding, LOL not so much of what I do today.
What a eye opener my first quilt class was! No more 15 and 20 inch squares, no more Puff squares, I was no longer alone in this wonderful new world of quilting, and I have been learning how to quilt ever day sence. What a great trip it has been, about 400 quilts later I still giggle over my first's!