That we will continue with our monthly fabric postcard trading card swap;

The mailing will be the same date for both.

I will assign separate names for each month.

The theme for November is "The smallest quilt or block I've ever made"
The theme for December is "The best gift ever"

1. To sign up you must send me your real name mailing address and email address.
2. Sign up will close November 28th
3. Names will be assigned for both months November 29nd
4. Mail dates for both months will be November 30th
5. All swap guidelines apply.
6. Failure to complete swap will be reported to the QB moderator and you will be prevented from participating in my future swaps.
7. All cards are to comply with USPS regulations for mailing.
8. Postcards are to be 3"x5" or 3 3/4" x 6"
9. If sending trading cards they must be 2 1/2" x 3" and a minimum of two tradingcards must be sent to the same person for each month represented.
10. Your board name and year date must be visible on all cards sent.
11. Photos of your cards need to be posted on this thread by yourself or the receiver.
12. Most important, enjoy the process!