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sewbizgirl 07-17-2020 11:47 AM

Not to worry, Jaba... https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/boy.gif

Rebaquilts 07-17-2020 01:47 PM

Originally Posted by Macybaby (Post 8402433)
I figure with the center owner sending extra fabric is fine, as that is never going to be more than the finished top, and it will get used up along the way. But I totally agree with the round participants not sending on additional extra fabric unless they mean it as a gift to the next person in line, to use or keep as they want.

I agree Macybaby. When I have sent fabric I don't expect any back, keep it as a gift, use it if you want, etc. I like having extra background fabric because it gives the option of pulling a piece together, that's just my preference. I know others like everything different, and understand that preference too. I also don't have any financial issues with the box costs, as I regularly ship things to Australia for usually over $150/box, so these flat rate boxes seem pretty inexpensive to me, but I do know that there are some who cannot afford that or just hate spending money for shipping that could be used for shopping (for more fabric of course LOL). I would prefer that you just keep the fabric if you can't afford to send it to the next person in line, no worries. I'm so loving this round robin, it is really getting these quilting juices going! Hugs everyone! Reba

maryb119 07-17-2020 04:58 PM

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Sewbizgirl, Here is a picture of your center with the first round.

sewbizgirl 07-17-2020 06:20 PM

Originally Posted by maryb119 (Post 8402660)
Sewbizgirl, Here is a picture of your center with the first round.

No, I think that is Reba's center and first round, Mary... My center is the one in my avatar. Toon Town. Iceblossom named it! Maybe you don't have mine yet?

Macybaby 07-18-2020 04:55 AM

I've got the bees on Bug's center and it will be ready to ship out on Monday - I'll take a picture after my batteries are recharged!

Iceblossom 07-18-2020 05:56 AM

I am the current holder of Sewbiz's center, Reba's Round 1, and I am R2.

Mary has Reba's center, and my Round 1.

My center was Mary's Round 1, I don't have my list in front of me and have forgotten who is next that direction. But I did want to mention again how Mary's darker tones made my ribbons shine and while I still don't feel they have much personality, I think I'm going to have a lovely project come home and thank you all again very much :)

We should all have/be on round 2 now.

We have some flexibility, but I'm shooting for a 6" (finished) border this time. Our centers vary a bit but I think Round 2 can still be put on point pretty easily, I'm going square but with the circles contained within the previous blocks maybe that still doesn't need to be decided until it gets to Mary, I would think round 3 would be the last possible time to put things on point.

I'm still on my self appointed track, more or less. Been working on my sub-units, still have time to completely flip and start over from scratch but that's less likely every day. Figuring out my final dimensions. Still working on the corners, think I have an acceptable solution... but am flipping between two. Won't really have anything to show for another week and while I might be ready to mail early -- it's too early now to say!

givio 07-18-2020 06:25 AM

Thanks for the update, IceBlossom. It sounds like you are working along quick for so early in the month. I have my idea percolating.
Macybaby, I'm looking forward to your round picture-- your previous picture gave a good idea of what you've got going, but it will be fun to see your bees you've embroidered! Give us a close up?

Iceblossom 07-18-2020 07:16 AM

Well I had a sneak peek into what Reba was doing/thinking well before I received the round and that set me off into a direction I wasn't expecting but that was very workable after a series of serendipitous events, even though Reba changed her final concept a bit. Although my inspiration was set in advance, I still had a lot of ways I could go and a lot of my first impression fabrics haven't made the cut into the reality. One concept was great but the execution lousy (I do try to work to my skills or at least work until my skills are better)... another concept too fussy... another just not right for this reason or that. Usually the way I work is I work out some of the details on graph paper and then I have a lot of fabric, so I start by putting it together differently a few times before I really get my groove on.

The main thing for me this round is with what has gone before me I wanted to work with black and bright fabrics and that is what I started pulling in advance when Sewbiz said to let the fabric talk. I love black and bright fabrics so there are many options. On one hand I am saying "I was here" but the rest of that is "to enhance this top" and each top is different and each of us is different. That's part of the fun!

I was really concerned about the inspiration part. So far with the rounds I've been sent and the pictures we've shared, that hasn't been a problem and none of my preconceived concepts has been used, there is one I might be able to use depending on what goes before me. I'm super hoping to be able to use a little block I drew up, but I won't know until I see that round in front of me -- maybe one of you guys already have that in mind. It's ok, I have a back-up! If that's gone too, well... I might have to think a bit harder.

Which is part of why I apologize for my center having little personality -- but it does in its way. It's part of what I do is take UFOs or thrift store odd collections of fabric and reclaim them. If you are looking for inspiration when my square comes to you -- when I say to go ahead and do what you want to do, I really mean that. You can use your own UFOs, figure out a way to use orphan blocks, some technique you've always wanted to do, off set it with 12" borders top and side instead of 6" all around -- so many possibilities mostly depending on what you feel like doing. I'm going to love it.

sewbizgirl 07-18-2020 11:02 AM

I got a lovely package today... It's LeeAnn's center, sent to me by givio! LeeAnn, you are going to love what givio did for her round. It looked good in the photo, but even better in person! I am in awe...

Can't wait to start on my round for this top! I have some ideas...

givio 07-18-2020 12:07 PM

SBG, good to hear the robin safely arrived. :-)

travelinggramma 07-18-2020 07:36 PM

Hello to one and all
I have been camping with my two teen grands and every muscle hurts from hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc. But I will keep up!! The high desert temps and dry air has hit us all hard and have to keep pumping liquids into all of us. But boy, do we all sleep good at night!
Tomorrow we head up near the Grand Canyon and staying out in the forest without hookups. Last time we stayed there we watched the elk walk around while sipping our morning coffee. (The bobcat in the tree, however sent me inside!!)
We will be totally out of internet connection, so please keep the rounds going, and posting photos and letting everyone else know you sent or received your next round. I think all but one of the tops are in the hands of the person adding the second round (although it isn't the end of the month yet) Once August comes, I will have more time online and more talkative!
Enjoy your week

Iceblossom 07-19-2020 06:18 AM

Just my daily checking in post. No sewing expected today, hubby has today off and is otherwise working 12 hour shifts/6 days a week for another week (started last week), so we will have some us time as well as run errands and such.

In a bit we will go on a little drive (about 30 minutes each way) to pick up some fresh duck eggs. We have a closer chicken egg producer but ducks are harder to find and it is getting late in the season for them Since hubby went Keto a couple of years ago, he's become quite the fan of fresh eggs as well as non-chicken eggs -- except for quail. Not a fan of tiny eggs.

I should have enough in hand on Tuesday to show my group my anticipated round and discuss my corner options. Still not enough to show here :)

givio 07-19-2020 06:32 AM

IceBlossom, I'm sure it's enough to show here! :-)

Iceblossom 07-19-2020 07:00 AM

I'll be ready in a day or two... I'm in that second-guessing phase of being committed but that I can still pull back and go a different direction.

While the inspiration hasn't been hard, the second guessing has been brutal!

Mona G 07-19-2020 07:05 AM

I think I have a plan figured out just want to do some testing before I commit.
TG sounds like you are having a great time and giving grands lots of memories.
I still cherish the camping/fishing trips with my grandparents.

Macybaby 07-19-2020 01:24 PM

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Here are pictures of Bug's center and round 1.

Macybaby 07-19-2020 01:28 PM

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And since I had the camera out, here are a few pics of my sewing area - it's still a work in progress and probably will be for another year. Got too many other remodeling projects in front of it right now.

I've got Carriem's center on my design wall - waiting for inspiration! The ironing board doubles as a cat bed, so I keep it covered with a lap quilt. I'm planning to build a cat tower of some sort, to give the cat another place to sleep

Barb in Louisiana 07-19-2020 01:57 PM

Great Pictures Cathy. I especially like how you used a cutting mat. And that cat looks very comfortable.

Bugaroo 07-19-2020 01:58 PM

Oh my ! Yes, you do have a couple of sewing machines don't you? It's lovely to have a dedicated space just to play.

Love my bees!!! They are adorable. Thank you!!

maryb119 07-19-2020 02:57 PM

Love the bees!!!! Great round!

sewbizgirl 07-19-2020 03:30 PM

Pretty bees, Cathy! Bug's quilt looks great.

travelinggramma 07-19-2020 03:47 PM

Great round. How large is it now? I love embroidery

Macybaby 07-19-2020 04:24 PM

travelinggramma, I only added 6" per side, but it looks a lot more. So now it measures 30.5 UF.

givio 07-19-2020 05:39 PM

Macybaby, your embroidery sure made the round special! Thanks for the close ups. Such pretty wings with the curly-ques.

LAF2019 07-19-2020 06:56 PM

those bees are perfect for her center!

Iceblossom 07-20-2020 05:52 AM

What a happy collaboration, from the center to the graduated fabrics to the embroidery. Well done all :)

maryb119 07-20-2020 10:24 AM

1 Attachment(s)
This is Reba's center. I hope she likes it. I am in Group 1 and Round 2. I just have to write in the journal and then it is ready to send on to LeeAnn.

sewbizgirl 07-20-2020 10:31 AM

Looks great, Mary! Very striking design.

Iceblossom 07-20-2020 10:38 AM

Nice job MaryB! I really like the movement of the pointy parts and how the pink strips add zip and frames all at once.

Now I better go back and work on those sub-units for my round so I can show to my Tuesday group tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a nice day, comfortable to sit outside in the morning even if a bit warm in the afternoon.

Mona G 07-20-2020 10:48 AM

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Great job Mary and Macybaby.
I've got the strips cut for the 2nd round of Jaba's quilt, here is a sneak peek. I'm adding some purple and gray.

Bugaroo 07-20-2020 11:49 AM

Mona, I like the purple addition. It gives a deeper/richer look. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Maryb, the blue and green together is wonderful. It gives a contrast to the lighter colors. So pretty.

LeeAnn 07-20-2020 04:42 PM

Bugaroo, I never would have selected those fabrics so I can't wait to see what you do with them. I am always amazed at how differently our imaginations are. You girls never disappoint! Very interesting Bug!

LeeAnn 07-20-2020 05:00 PM

Mary, I love the row you added. You can feel free to mail at any time. I don't mind getting the rounds early, gives me time to get a plan.

givio 07-20-2020 06:24 PM

Mary! You are so fast! Your design really is arresting. It looks great in this 2nd round place.

Mona, I like your choice to add some other colors. I'm looking forward too, to seeing what you do with your strips.

LAF2019 07-20-2020 07:14 PM

Mary, that frames the quilt so nicely!

jaba 07-20-2020 07:15 PM

Looks good Mona, Iíll watch for the outcome.
macy sent me her round today, canít wait to see it in person and figure out how to compliment those bees!

Rebaquilts 07-21-2020 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by maryb119 (Post 8403400)
This is Reba's center. I hope she likes it. I am in Group 1 and Round 2. I just have to write in the journal and then it is ready to send on to LeeAnn.

Love it!! Hugs!!

Bugaroo 07-22-2020 03:56 AM

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MonaG, I added a friend to your quilt. Hope you like him. There was so much color already, that I wanted to give the eye a break. So I used old news print for the back ground and brown grays for the squirrel. There will be another squirrel running. And for some reason the photo show the tail as a odd color. It is just a solid gray brown.

I know I am a bit ahead but I just committed to another quilt this month. Thus, while I had the time I went ahead and got started.

LAF2019 07-22-2020 04:14 AM

That's a cute squirrel!

carriem 07-22-2020 04:43 AM

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Hello! I am in Round 2 and have Travelinggramma's center. Here is a sneak peek of fabrics I will be using for my border. The floral square won't line up like it is laid out there, just showing the different colors I will be using. :)

Sorry not to have checked in for a while. I stopped getting notifications and then was busy getting a new direct sales biz started the last couple weeks. I haven't been sewing as much as I would like because my wrist has been very sore. I was told yesterday by the doctor to rest...so no sewing this week. :( At least I got to go to the quilt shop yesterday and pet fabric!!

Just so I know, do I need to have this in the mail by August 1st or September 1st? I am working on the 2nd round on the center...I know we all got excited and did our centers/1st rounds quickly. :) I just want to make sure I get things done on time!!

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