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givio 06-06-2020 12:34 PM

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I am working on my center today too. I added some scraps that were laying by my sewing machine. Now, you have inspired me to applique. I have more of the fabric I used for the outer corners, so will use that. This is how it looks now. Stay tuned!

maryb119 06-06-2020 12:50 PM

Would slightly wider than 6 inches for a border be OK?

sewbizgirl 06-06-2020 01:58 PM

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Pretty center, Giv!

I'm hoping a bit of give and take is allowable. Mary, I would think slightly larger than 6" is ok. If it looks like the piece needs it, follow your instincts.

Speaking of give and take, I finished my center today and tho I tried to make it 18", it came out 20". Is that going to be ok with everyone, or should I start over? I altered the dresden, and altered it again, and still couldn't get it much smaller without chopping into the windows.

Love how it turned out. I've never done one of these dresden 'neighborhoods' before.

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I have a little of the good thoughts fabric I used for the background and will send it along with the center, in case anyone wants to use it in later rounds.

LAF2019 06-06-2020 02:30 PM

wow, I love both yoru centers. Looking forward to watching how everyone chooses to complement them!

maryb119 06-06-2020 03:57 PM

Thanks! I am glad it can be a little flexible for border width.

I love these centers! I have the fabric and pattern for mine and i will start it tomorrow.

sewbizgirl 06-06-2020 04:43 PM

Since we are getting ready to mail pretty soon, I wanted to clear up any discrepancy on which list to follow. This is the order to mail your pieces to. Mail to the person below your name, and last on the list mails to the person at the top. This will be our round robin order throughout the whole process.

Givio: mails to
Sewbizgirl: mails to
Rebaquilts: mails to
Iceblossom: mails to
Maryb119: mails to
LeeAnn: mails to givio

givio 06-07-2020 04:29 PM

Thanks for the clarification. :-)

maryb119 06-08-2020 01:40 PM

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I finished my center today. I found the pattern on quilterscashe.com in the 18 inch blocks. I changed the colors and used fabrics from my scrap box. I keep trying to use scraps because I am determined to get the lid on that box.

sewbizgirl 06-08-2020 04:22 PM

Beautiful center, Mary! Somehow it reminds me of a game board.

I mailed my center off to Rebaquilts today. Hope it travels fast.

How are the rest of us doing on our centers?

givio 06-08-2020 04:52 PM

Oh, Mary! What a great choice! There are so many directions to go for adding to that. And SBG's center too-- you both have so many colors to choose from and options for backgrounds. My center has lots of colors too. Any color it's missing could be added and I'd be thrilled though. I have half of the applique done. I'm trying to get it done by this weekend.

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